Good day, I hope everyone is well

I am a Persian cat owner, most people know them for their long fluffy hair. During summer months, their hair can be a bit much for them, so in order to control that, we give them a trim or a shave. Being a first time mom to leyla the cat, who is 6 months old, I decided to send her to a parlour to get her hair cut.

That was all I had asked for as well, a bath (which included her nails being trimmed) and her hair trimmed.

Leyla is now extremely sick, unable to walk or eat by herself, dehydrated and has experienced a seizure. She is currently being hospitalized at our local vet for the last 2 days, they don't see any signs of improvement.
After speaking to the parlour, I was informed that he had used DAZZLE DIP for flea control on my cat. Leyla has been poisoned by this and as a result, is suffering tremendously.

I would like to know if anyone has more information on this product? It's uses and harms? I know the parlour has been negligent as from what I know... dazzle dip is not meant to be used on cats.

I would like to take this matter up properly with the owner of the parlour, but before I do so, please can someone help me out with a little more information