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Thread: Join me in saluting the Goffal Committee of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.

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    Join me in saluting the Goffal Committee of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.

    In Rhodesia Coloured folk included an intriguing sub- group who helped us re-identify ourselves as goffals … Most had nick-names such as “MaBeans, Nags, Zanda, Curry, Kalangas, Zozo, Cooler, Junks, Mabena, Dorlans, Stoory, Porgy, Goomie, Fiego ..... "
    The fact that there were no Coloured policemen, so the good weed was freely available, contributed to the wonderful diversity of our coummunity.
    They were an ad hoc assemblage of free spirited and loquacious social commentators unrelenting in according issues a unique perspective. “Goffal" was a reference to a Coloured person; and "honkie" and "haute" to a White and Black person respectively. It was rare to hear the different race groups referred to in any other way. Whatever their origins such references were not considered or meant to be disparaging. It was just the way it was in the discourse culture of our community.
    Whatever one may have thought about this sub-group, what emanated from within it was often chillingly disconcerting. It is said that "facts are awkward things". The committee would serve up a plethora of awkward things with brutal irreverence.
    Why were White folk busy tanning their bodies to achieve a nice shade of brown, and curling their hair, whilst despising Coloured folk? Conversely why were Black folk lightening their skins, and straightening their hair, whilst mouthing slogans about "black power" and "black is beautiful" and "I am black and I am proud"? One day the whole world would be some shade of brown however much racial prejudice there was. The need for inter-racial sex was just too strong.
    To the members of this committee the world seethed with convenient untruths and suppression of inconvenient truths. "You cannot talk about justice …" they would say, " … when most people in this country simply cannot afford a good lawyer to defend them … justice is only for the rich".
    And so they went on about a range of issues. If the White man had not come to Africa, the mosquitoes, lions, hyenas and crocodiles would have still had the locals in check. Africa had still not even invented the wheel on arrival of the White man. Zimbabwe was doomed even though the Mugabe cabinet had "… more degrees than a thermometer…" The Jews were forever cursed for having killed Jesus. Starting a religion was "the best business" and most were about making money.
    White people had decimated all wild life in their own countries and now wanted to "preach conservation" to Blacks. The United Nations was nothing more than an incredibly expensive club for political leaders to peddle power, assets and influence for themselves with little corresponding love of humanity. It should be called the "Disunited Nations" or "The United Corrupt Leaders".
    I was not spared and routinely castigated for being part of a system that was inherently unjust.
    The list was endless. It was irreverent … it was not politically correct … it was brutally impolite … but mostly it raised terribly awkward questions that were very difficult to answer. Facts are indeed awkward things. The committee was a heaving hive of cynicism and skepticism. The disturbing thing however is that its predictions are being proved right with monotonous regularity.
    Zimbabwe has joined other countries in Africa as a failed state.
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    The United Nations is a spectacular failure in terms of a cost/benefit test. One needs only to point to the continuing instances of genocide that occur, despite pontifical statements mouthed off at the UN and AU, that was laughed off outright as one of the biggest jokes of our times..
    A brown tan and curly hair is … well more desirable then ever … and … by the time Michael Jackson died he had all but rid himself of all his blackness … the list is endless.
    Today I salute them because, at the heart of their stance was their insistence that “bullshit baffles brains”. They insisted that human beings are hotwired to swallow even utter nonsense, hook line and sinker, provided wonderful promises are included.
    Curry and company were the first to teach me to see things for what they actually are .... to think more and believe less.
    Today the supposedly most advanced people on this planet have been taken in by a narcissistic buffoon who has baffled them with his fancifull promises.
    Our goffal committee would have explained that Trump was a "Skate". A skate was a person who diddled others on the strength of "bullshit".
    Today the great USA has fully confirmed that they were 100% right.
    I am predicting that only the scrapping of ObamaCare will be fulfilled of all Trump’s bullcrap promises.
    PS: Wow ... Trump has already started retracting his loud promises about scrapping ObamaCare.
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