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Thread: Namibian - Working and COC's

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    Namibian - Working and COC's

    Hi All

    Just trying to find out what is required to be able to issue C.O.C.'s in Namibia. I can only find that they have the same standards as S.A..

    Are the the C.O.C.'s the same? Who do you have to register with? Are there any additional requirements to register with whoever.

    Can you use a South African wiremans as the grading systems seems the same (single phase tester, installation electrician and master electrician).

    Any ideas?


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    I think their "ecb" can help.

    But these guys reckon you must register with them to operate in Oshakati: ....:-(

    "Electrical Contractors in Namibia are regulated to ensure that only persons that have suitable qualifications and experience are allowed to wire premises that will be occupied by Persons or animals. It is therefore of great importance to ensure that electrical contractors used for installation work are registered with your local Electrical Supply Authority to ensure the work are done according to SABS standards and are safe. The Electrical Supply Authority in your area will also have inspectors that will check the installations and may require modifications to ensure it complies to SABS standards for the Wiring of Premises.

    Only approved Electrical contractors are to work in Oshakati

    Approval of electrical contractors to undertake work in Oshakati shall be done by OPE. Electrical contractors shall apply on the prescribed form to finish general details. The application will be accompanied by a trade diploma or similar and proof of having passed the SANS 10142-01 installation rules paper 1 & 2. A listing detailing the continuity tester and earth loop impedance tester + serial numbers.
    Requirement may be revised as directed by ECB.

    All contractors must ensure their employees who worked in Oshakati possess the appropriate level of technical knowledge and experience to enable them to discharge their duties safely

    Contractors who will be testing and inspecting, shall be in possession of testing compliance, and indicate tester name, model and serial numbers when applying for an electrical contractor license and yearly for renewal
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