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Thread: What is the best way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GielTettelaar View Post
    Depends though. SEO is definitely different, a lot different from 2014, but it's definitely still worth doing. It's just nowhere near as easy as adding some keywords and then you're at the top of Google. Things such as structured data will still get you higher on Google's ranking.

    The main difference is that it requires a lot more research than that it did a couple of years ago - which I find is why people generally struggle with it. Either because consultancy is too expensive or the time required is too much.
    Definitely worth it, we'll correction it's a must, you have no choice.

    But what people refer to as SEO now I get the idea is still what they think about what it was 2014 etc.

    Different ballgame now.

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    probably Google Adwords, a paid service from Google, you can use key search words and set a Rand numeric value, which should return a minimum click response.

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    SEO stands for “search engine optimization.”

    For business owners this means optimizing their website and webpages for the search engines.

    This ultimately means making those pages the best it can be so that search engines can find them and drive traffic to the site.

    When it comes to local SEO, the strategies and tactics used are very similar, with the exception that they are focused on optimizing local search.

    This means utilizing search engines like Google My Business and other directories, including local keywords, and ensuring that all content has a local focus.

    By doing so, when customers hop online looking for a business in their area – something more and more customers are doing – they stumble upon the websites of a businesses that have what they need.

    But they’ll only find those businesses that have taken the time to optimize their online content for local SEO.

    At its core, local SEO is simply a form of advertising, and once businesses start seeing it that way, they quickly see how important it is.

    Local SEO is an extremely targeted form of advertising because the business owner isn’t actually advertising directly to the customer. It is in this way that local SEO is so unlike television commercials, print ads, and brochures.

    While these methods may fall upon the ears of hundreds or even thousands, and only get the business one or two new customers, local SEO isn’t blanket advertising. Business owners don’t just have to put it out there and hope for the best.

    By its very nature, local SEO automatically targets a specific audience. And, it’s even cheaper than all of those traditional forms of advertising put together.


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    Way to promote your business online
    Create useful video tutorials on YouTube
    Use a Blog to Boost Your Business
    Create a branded email signature
    Optimize your website for SEO
    Use business listing sites
    Social Media Ads
    Press releases

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