Hi all

Been hanging around this Forum for the last while, iv finally gotten to the point where I have all the documentation required to apply as a registered person.

Im following the criteria listed below


Would have liked to register as ISTALLATION ELECTRICIAN but the Installation rules is going to take longer than i thought.

So i would like to know the simplest way of sending the proofs in to DoL. registering as Electrical tester, through option 1.

a) Is not a problem, just going to send certified certificate NQF3
b) Should be what is on the reverse of the NQF3 certificate, Unit standard 258966
c) Letter of employment
d) Should aslo be part of the NQF3 Unit standards.

This would all be attached to ANNEXURE 5 and handed in to DoL???

I would just like the person who has too look at this to check documents and stamp does anyone think it can be made to be that easy, no head scratching and complications...