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Thread: Men and Jewellery

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    Question Men and Jewellery

    Earlier this year the VOGUE magazine asked its women readers if they would date a man who wore more jewelry than they did:

    It began by pointing out that the conservative trend for men to shun jewelry so as not to "jeopardise" their masculinity has changed and lists such things as tattoos, coin chains, bracelets, earrings, etc. as pieces which are increasingly becoming mainstream in men's fashion styles

    The article asks the question: "Is mutual accessory approval yet another evaluation criteria to add to the already complex endeavour that is modern dating?"

    The consensus view in the US seems to be that men should just stick to a watch and wedding band (if applicable), accessories being classified as "feminine". But there are sufficient disclaimers that jewellery use is often a matter of culture.

    I'm unashamedly metrosexual so I have a pierced earlobe, wear a watch, leather/metallic bracelet, metallic necklace, thumb ring and a signet ring on my right pinky finger, visible, when I'm casually dressed and perhaps even more in formal clothing (cufflinks, tie pins etc.)

    So I'd like to ask the most cultural diverse nation in the world, what do we as South African's feel about men wearing jewellery? And following the Vogue article, how would this affect your view of a guy on a first date?

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    I don't wear any jewelery. There is too much risk that it might get caught up in spinning machine tools, and besides, I don't need to adorn myself like a christmas tree to attract the opposite sex.
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