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Thread: business name duplication

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    business name duplication

    Hi all...i successfully registered my pty ltd as CSA-Holdings pty ltd, to my suprise Cricket south africa requested that i state my core business and a complied. Later they emailed a form where i basically declare/undertake not to enter the same business as them...
    am i correct not to reply since CIPC approved my company name and i had absolutely no alterior motive with the name...since it was derived from Chris & Sybil Andrews (CSA)...

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    If I am not mistaken, they could legally stop you from trading with that name, because it is similar to Cricket SA.

    I remember a case with a small trinket shop in Cape Town called Dolchi & Banana, who were forced by Dolchi & Gabana to change their trading name due to the similarities.
    Dolce & Gabbana vs. Dolce and Banana
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    You are entitled to not reply, but if Cricket SA feel strongly enough about it, they are probably entitled to seek legal protection of their name despite CIPC already having approved it. You would then incur legal costs defending this. Might be easier to simply accept the letter if its reasonable. Stall if you want to and see how hard they push.

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