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Thread: Replace the internet?

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    Replace the internet?

    What do you guys make of this?

    Concerned about growing quality and security problems, Japan is to begin research on new network technology to replace the Internet.

    Business Report notes that US and European researchers have already started research to rebuild the underlying architecture of the Internet, a move that could mean replacing networking equipment and rewriting software on computers. Yoshihiro Onishi, assistant director at the Japanese Communications Ministry, said Japan feels it's crucial to follow suit to stay competitive. Post-Internet network technology is expected to become imperative by 2020, he said. ‘The Internet is reaching its limit,’ he added.

    Full report on:

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    I think the argument for the change is probably irrefutable. I don't see the transition being that big an issue from a technological point of view - not over a ten year timeline anyway. Windows 95 was just 12 or so years ago!

    The real challenge is going to be to get a universally accepted royalty-free (non-proprietary?) protocol agreed upon. Without that, chances are slim indeed.
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