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Thread: Two subaccounts instead of one (Pastel)

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    Two subaccounts instead of one (Pastel)

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    Hi there,

    I attached an image (I hope it shows).

    We have 2 cost of sales accounts, 2000/005 and 2000/010. In the Integration tab of Inventory Setup, the 2000/005 account is the default for cost of sales.

    This code was set up a while back and isn't in use anymore. I see it on the trial balance, however, and now the 2 subaccounts reflect, where only one should.

    Can I change the 2000/005 to 2000/010 or will this result in inaccuracy or future problems?



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    Hi Louisa,

    I don't any reasons why you should not be able to change the default cost of sales account in the Integration tab, as it appears to be editable (not greyed out), most probably because it has been inactive for so long.
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