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Thread: Get Windows 10

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    Reeding forums and stuff ...seems people are moving over to linux and apple... i have 2 iphones and an ip and very happy with them iphone 5 is still working ...the only reason i had to upgrade to an iphone 5s get ios updates... sounds like money money ...someone offered me more than i paid for my iphone 5s to buy my iphone 5 in mint condition... maybe it will become a vintage

    How bad could it be moving over ?... i read your PC with increase in speed by a huge margin wouldnt even need to install and SSD to improve the speed... which seems to be a must if you go to windows 10 and it clearly states in the upgrade that it is NOT advisable to upgrade an old laptop.

    I hear you cant save files etc like you could on windows 7 and before they have you by the balls and some... pay ... pay.

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    be prepared for alot of confusion. First off you will need a very large amount of data avail to you windows ten absolutely nails it with background tasks and content updates ( which constantly go wrong jsut do a google search), You can adjust settings but this still doesn't really reduce the load. Secondly space. Windows ten eats a ton of space and even stores a version of your previous os after a update to roll back on ( they probably knew it was unstable after 8 id be nervous too ). You can go ahead and delete these but you just never quite get the space back. third speed. If you are running a older system then internet speed and computing speed will drop badly as this operating system is significantly heavier than 7 on resources. You can skip eight as the comment above alludes to 8 was just full of issues.

    I am on 7 still and until i have no other choice i will switch to mac ( and i spent half my life telling people overblown mac is ) that is how much I hate windows 10. Dont do it Dave. 7 was their end game.
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    Any advice offered on alternatives for windows? Cost and operating efficiency is obviously important.
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    In 2007 self started with linux to understand how it worked, so obtained four CD versions to try. Each was pleasing, self found easiest for self was openSUSE.

    When decided to switch my business across decided to use the (Commercial) SUSE (acknowledge excellent support they provided) for my first years learning linux.

    Later decided switch back to openSUSE where assist in trying out, provide feedbacks, with help from those developing newer applications which became part of (Commercial) SUSE.

    # NON-Commercial (FREE) which am familiar with ; - )

    openSUSE Forums
    openSUSE Documentation

    Ubuntu Documentation
    Ubuntu Tutorials
    Ubuntu Forums
    Ubuntu Local Teams
    Example Ubuntu-ZA

    No particular order, other sites to help learn


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    Which version ?

    Discussing which linux version - Commercial or Free, frequently results in ongoing debates.

    Find version you are comfortable with, stick to it until you understand it, so can update, upgrade, and know where to find solutions to any problems arising.

    Before try another version, be sure your regular Backing-Ups to elsewhere all work successfully to recover the level you need !

    Linux commands tar and scp for make it easier for various /home/username/ folders to be be compressed, then copied to other computers,hard-drives locations so available to recover essential data.

    When assisting others making switch to linux was able create compressed archive of all their MS-W personal data, then recover most of it into their new linux version /home folders.

    Multi-booting is the act of installing multiple operating systems on a computer, and being able to choose which one to boot. The term dual-booting refers to the common configuration of specifically two operating systems. Multi-booting may require a custom boot loader.
    Wikipedia explanation Multi-booting

    Be sure you understand Boot, GRUB, Partitions, Multiple-Boot-Installations as these BEST done into a newly created empty Partitions !

    Admit extremely nervous first time tried this, managed OK, while over decades lost everything several times using Microsoft Windows, once with O/S2, once with Linux.

    # COMMERCIAL examples linux

    # Ubuntu

    Plans & pricing
    Open Infrastructure support and security

    Critical security fixes, telephone support and legal assurance.

    # Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    Red Hat Enterprise
    Wikipedia article:

    # SUSE Linux Enterprise
    SUSE Linux Enterprise
    Wikipedia article:

    Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg
    255 Rivonia Road
    Morningside Wedge Office Park
    Morningside, South Africa 2057
    Tel: +27-11-322-8300

    extract from SUSE Linux Enterprise

    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

    Increase availability, efficiency, & innovation

    For x86-64
    For IBM Power
    For Arm
    For z Systems & LinuxONE
    For High Performance Computing
    For SAP Applications
    For Linux Enterprise Point of Service

    Virtual Machine Driver Pack

    Paravirtualized disk, network, & balloon drivers
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop

    Office tools that work with Windows, Mac & UNIX
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Workstation Extension

    Use your enterprise server as a workstation
    SUSE Embedded

    For stable and secure purpose-built appliances, devices, and systems


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