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Thread: Labeling and correspondence test.

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    Labeling and correspondence test.


    I have a question about how easy it is to change the labeling of a meter in a building with 50 units. Can a lay person with a little know how do it or does it require an electrician?

    After a R400 jump in my monthly electricity bills over the last few months, I was sure the meter was running too fast. A correspondence test was done and the labeling came back as switched with that of my neighbour's unit.

    It is not possible for the labeling to have been incorrect all along, the unit has been unoccupied and my monthly bill capped at R150 for more than 2 years. Then suddenly I'm getting R500 to R650 usage per month on an empty unit.

    I am trying to understand how the labeling can be changed and what kind of skill is required to change it.

    I suspect fraud. Is that a reasonable assumption or is the change in labeling something that can happen accidentally?

    I would appreciate any clarity anybody might have to share in the situation.

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    I guess it would be possible for labeling to be changed around for fraudulent purposes but metering rooms are usually locked and limited access.
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    It's not just an issue of "labelling". There is the meter number, plus the likelihood that after some period of time the meter readings between any two meters will be substantially different.

    So I have my reservations as to whether your challenge is a result of something as "simple" as relabeling.

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    they were probably reading and writing the numbers in the wrong meters place upon doing meter reading. i do it many times but you could usually see if you put the wrong reading for the wrong meter. i also piggyback meters when i feel they are using too much or too little than the client usually uses.

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