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Thread: Emails not going to Outlook

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    Emails not going to Outlook

    I currently have a small new company hosting my emails. However, I've encountered on numerous occasions that the emails sit on webmail but do not go through to my Outlook. I find this disruptive as I prefer to store all correspondence on the hard drive, all in one place in folders per client in chronological order as sent and received. I make backups diligently so I don't care for storing all of my information in the cloud. Each time the IT guy managed to do something and then it worked again, until...

    I am looking to change my hosting to Hetzner. Any advice on how good or bad they are and whether the change-over can be expected to be without incidence of loss of information? Any other hosting suggestions?

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    Hetzner is fantastic. I have been with them ever since I started my website more than 10 years ago. Their fees are reasonable and their support is really great. I recently moved my website to Wordpress. I phoned them to set it up and within 20 minutes I got an email that it was done. When I went live, they offered their help. Their up time is amazing. My website has never been down. Their response times are great. You get automatic reporting, so you do not have to worry about Google Analytics. Can you tell that I highly recommend them?
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    Do you send big files? Sometimes the problems are related to the internet or file sizes?

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