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Thread: Some time to reflect

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    Some time to reflect

    I am currently struggling with some issues...............maybe someone will have something profound, wise or witty to add!

    Why is it PC to be anti Hitler, autocracy and death sentence, but it would not be correct to stop (with force) a current autocratic ruler, who is responsible for the death and destruction of an entire country and its people?

    What can be done in reality?

    Is it just me or is this life really confusing?


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    If we're talking about Mr. Mugabe -

    Maybe because he hasn't invaded Poland yet?
    Maybe because he doesn't have oil gushing out of his back garden?
    Maybe because he is killing his own people?
    Maybe because he isn't financing international terrorism?
    Maybe because his immediate neighbours aren't kicking up a fuss?

    On an international scale, he's ignorable.

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    This same R. Mugabe started out with the countries best interests at hand...
    Well, so I hear.

    Guess this is just another example of how power and greed can corrupt the most noble of hearts.

    I feel the same way as you Debbie and have wished for a long time that someone with the ability to do so would do something about this. But Dave A hit the nail on the head by stating that its simply not on any of the able authorities agenda to interfere there.

    Maybe if we got the comp boffin who made that hoax blog of Collin Farrel to do the same and tell the USA that theres oil in Mugabe's back yard, may we be able to get some results.

    But like I said in another post, its almost like getting Telkom to give honest and decent service...

    Yes, your not the only one who wants to the oke...
    Carpe diem, all the way!

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