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Thread: South African network marketing opportunities

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    Hi Guys

    Any new oppertunities out there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave A View Post
    Maybe we should start a list of all the known South African MLM companies. When I started this forum in the beginning I was also toying around a discussion on the different reward structures.

    When I was investigating starting The Forum SA, I'd been warned that open forums tend to get hit with plenty of MLM approach posts. I thought I might pre-empt any issues around that by having a specific area for MLM discussion - and hopefully a reasonably mature discussion as opposed to the strongly polarised stuff I'd seen elsewhere. Funny thing - not that much been said so far.

    How many folks round here have ever done anything with MLM before? (sticks my own hand up - or would that be 2 hands).

    I excpliticitly block all MLM dicussions, nearly killed my little spam filter in 34 hours.

    First was ZArfund, quickly followed by MMM and then Pipcoin now it is Bitconnect.
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    You pretty much nailed it Theunis

    Quote Originally Posted by Theuns" View Post
    Hi Eugen
    Yes i meen MLM, i was in "JOB" for 18 years,I start networking 10 years ago.
    My firsr network i join was the old "Golden produks" that was and is still a good comp. but it was not for me i try my best but did not win cos i was still a chiken in MLM that years.
    I did had a pasion to help People but i was not good in selling to custemers so i quit Golden.The Sececret is you have to find a MLM that works for you and after 10 years i finaly find the one that work for me,and after 4 month i was able to leaf my " JOB " and go full time into MLM.
    I beleaf you know how Robert Kiosaki and Donalt Trump is ,well they are sucsesfull persons dont you think so to? They wrote a book together in witch they spend a holle chapter on MLM and Robert also state that is he could start all over he wil start with MLM.So now if you wander why he make a statmend like that let me give you the answer to it ,with MLM you dont need money to make money (the tipe of SA thiking patten).

    I Know of MLM net works where you can start with R125 and some where you need to put down R9,000.00 to start.Now i ask me self If sucsesfull People say that what is our problem that we dont want to do what they say.The founder of mobile oil John Paul Getty one's say " I rather to 1% of 100 People than 100% of my own" and that is 100% that MLM is ZiG Zigler one said "You Can have what you whant in life if you help inuf other people to get what you whant in life".I belaef in personel defelopment and that is why i love to read books about that.If you go to my URL you will see where i get most of my info and why i belong to that site.

    Let me quikly KILL the "PIRAMID" Bug 95% of all people on the age of 65 is dead or dead broke, Why ?cose they was a frade of taking risk's (This is one of the biggest regrets on deth beds of averege person).I S.A when people here the sentens from his Friend ,"YOU MUST GET 3 PERSON AND THEY MUST GET 3 PERSOND AND THEN YOU GET MONEY FOR THAT " 99% of the time the reply he get is, that is a PIRAMID SCEEM!!!!!!! stay out of that.The person that say that dont know what the difrens is between a PILAMID and a MLM network is.

    Let me Piont out what is i PIRAMID and what is a MLM and then and exel on tha PIRAMID and sow every one that we do get legal PIRAMIDS allso. OK 1)in a un legal piramid the person on top get almost all the money but in a MLM te person that work the hardest get the most money for exampel my upline in my ofline MLM become the second lages urner in our company after his 4th mounth and he join 4 mounth a go and the compani is 2jr old ( HU!) is that a piramid or a "=" opertunery for all? 2) a piramid have no produk or it never stop at surten levil All MLM networks do have a levile where it stop.My of line MLM Stop at the 4th levil 3)No Piramid whas investigate by the "whatch dog" of the guverment my MLM was investigate by tha Whatch dog" namely the "Law Review Project".I can go on an on,on but wil stop hear for now. Let me just Explain a Leagle Piramid let me shoch some people may be and if i do sorry for that but the fact is every Copret biz is a piramid but it is legal cos there is a produk so anny groser store is one, now tell me can the person that work at the till get more monney than the owner of the supermaket ? no he can't, can a police konstabil get more pay than the genarel NO !!!! to make is simpel a other word for a Piramid is (A STRUCTER ) so i hope i answer all the questions, and if there is still Q's on Pisamids VS MLM pleas ask me?
    It is interesting that your's is the first post that I have read after just joining this forum today. You nailed it! And everything you said is exactly true and applies perfectly to my company except that after achieving our upper ranks there is no generational limit on business that you get paid for, and we are still not a pyramid scheme. Yes Theunis, you can make more than me.

    Frankly, the purpose of joining this forum was to make contact with some MLM professionals. I am looking for some input regarding my interest in launching Ready Network in South Africa. We are structured to become a Global Legacy Company like Amway or Tupperware that will be around forever. Ready Partners can pass on their business to their heirs. We manufacture all of our products and we have created a unique "Preparedness Superstore" with everything related to being prepared. IE: Survival Gear, survival products, healthy, great tasting, and long lasting food, water purification, solar power, wellness products, wholesale precious metal, free training, a community of like minded and prepared individuals, and more. Our marketing is based on a MLM platform. We have no competition from any other retail or MLM company anywhere in the world, and our space is in center of exploding market with products that will save peoples lives at the best prices available.

    We are a US company and are expanding globally. I know there is a huge need for the types of products we share in South Africa and I have been doing some preliminary work on developing that market with some incredible folks. I am interested in talking to people who will give me feed back, and I am looking for other individuals that want to be the foundation for building our "one of a kind" company in South Africa.

    I am not quite sure what I can post at this point, so I am not putting a link to Ready Network or, Prep Store. However, If someone was interested in seeing more about what we do, I would encourage you to look for the Ready Network YouTube Channel where you will find many company generated postings along with many created by USA Ready Partners who are all passionate about the rewards of being a Ready Partner.


    Mike Huey
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    Ready Network/ Prep Store
    Jupiter, FL, USA
    561 906-2114

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    Thanks ....... For not posting a link for ANOTHER mlm

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    Good day

    The MLM that has proven to work recently is Longrich. In Longrich the incentives are paid weekly and it all depends on your hard work.

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