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Thread: Resolution makes recycling easy and accessible

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    Resolution makes recycling easy and accessible

    I just read an article on Resolution Recycling who operate in Johannesburg.

    South Africans have a bad reputation when it comes to recycling their waste. We produce 566-million tonnes of waste a year and more than 90% of South Africa’s waste is disposed of in landfill sites. Each household in South Africa generates about one tonne of waste a year.

    Interestingly, South Africa recycles about 18% of the virgin plastic it uses, most of which is recovered from post-consumer waste.

    But while many shopping centres have igloos for glass collection, and some supermarkets supply bins for collection of plastic shopping bags, it is not always easy to lug your recyclables in your boot to the nearest drop-off point.

    That is why Justin Needham, founder of Resolution Recycling, decided to start a door-to-door recycling service.

    Full article on M&G Online
    Some quick facts from their website,

    • Using recycled content instead of bauxite ore to make aluminium cans reduces energy use by 95%, water pollution by 97% and air pollution by 95%
    • Recycled content in writing paper reduces energy use by 33%, air pollution by 73% and water pollution by 35%
    • Glass manufacturing with recycled content reduces energy use by 5%, air pollution by 22 % and manufacturing waste by 75%
    • Recycled steel and tin cans uses 74% less energy
    • Recycled plastic uses 88% less energy

    Read all the Quick Facts on Resolution Recyclings website
    This is exactly the idea that has been floating around in my mind for a while and I'm really excited that someone has gone ahead, put in the effort, and implemented it. I'm hoping that we can organise to get it in CT soon too!
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