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Thread: What is your favorite food in breakfast ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyD View Post
    I've already post at the beginning of this thread but I don't think I gave sufficient info to do my fave breakfast justice. Also Tec0 has posted twice and I didn't want to be outdone

    Fave breakfast would be two bacon and camembert rolls. The bacon must have some fat on it which should be caramalised and rolls must be white bread so the sweetness of the roll with the saltiness of the bacon and the earthy flavour of the camembert cheese are all perfectly in balance. Yeah, I know it's not healthy so it's a breakfast I only get to eat maybe twice or thrice a month. The health guilt I feel after eating it means I usually miss lunch that day in an effort to compensate somewhat.
    I changed my diet a few months ago. realized i was panting the other day when i did some yard work. So i geared up, put my foot down and now i am back to walking a few km a day. My knee is blown and my lungs are cooked so running i can't do BUT walking works just as well. I also started breathing exercises with a bottle filled with water and straw. Just Google it you will get the idea. It is easy and works really well.

    But the thing i like the most is my body fat is less then 2% again and my mass is at 75Kg and that is just perfect for my height. i have a TON of energy. That said the best investment you can make is Spotify. Really it is worth gold on my phone when i start my day.
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    Bacon is the right choice for me because there is a lot of versatility with the food. I hope that there are some changes to how people look at it because yes, itís fattening but there are some ingredients that can lessen the impact on the body. Itís really yummy to eat but there are some repercussions.

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    I definitely love feta cheese.

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