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Thread: If you want to name it, build it.

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    If you want to name it, build it.

    Another story, this one on IOL about how our roads are cracking under the heavy freight they're carrying.

    This has been known for a while, but here's the bit that caught my eye.
    The National Freight Logistics Strategy report, released last year and adopted by the government, says the entire freight transport system, from the harbours to rail operations, is hampered by a lack of infrastructure, an absence of integrated planning, big information gaps and a serious lack of skills.

    It states that South Africa's development depends primarily on the ability to move goods and to deliver services to their destinations "without failure and fear for their safety".

    It says the government must take a more interventionist approach to regulating the freight system instead of passing the cost of inefficiencies on to the cargo owner.

    Two weeks ago Public Enterprises Minister Alec Erwin said in the past 12 years there had been a 12 percent decrease in electric locomotives, an 11 percent decrease in diesel locomotives and a 37 percent decrease in the fleet of rail coaches.

    The distance of rail track in this time had remained static at 22 000km.
    So how about a win/win deal in all of this. Given the recent desire to name stuff after all sorts of people in line with the new order, we need a new little piece of legislation:

    If you want to name something after someone - you have to build it, as opposed to the current practice of simply renaming current infrastructure.

    Somehow the "Oliver Tambo Railway Line" has a certain ring to it and, it seems, is rather desparately needed.

    How about that as an incentive to get things moving in the right direction?

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    I couldn't agree more.
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    heard on the news just now...they have decided to call the air port the O Tambo Air Port and in as many word if you don't like it may have you say... but tough!! and if you have a further opinion "you are ignorant and uninformed". quote ECR NEWS interview.
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