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Thread: Location Vs Timing

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    Location Vs Timing

    I know location location location


    I've come to realise it's more about timing timing timing. Being around at the right time has more value I think.

    How many times I've heard if only I'd known you sooner. Or I've just bought that ... Etc etc

    My considered opinion is timing is a considerable thing!

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    Agreed , agreed, agreed

    The perfect location is only perfect within a perfectly timed timeframe. You may have the perfect location for a resort hotel but if the economy is down then the location is unusable. Another thing is that with so much business being conducted online it doesn't mateer where in the world your counter party is, you can order whatever you need via your desktop. The difficulty today is being able to reach the customer's desktop when he needs your services.
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    My thought on why "where" is rated higher than "when" is the effect of good or bad timing is pretty indiscriminate - the base line factor if you will. But location is a multiplier of the effects of timing.
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