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Thread: Business Ideas 101

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    The drive for maximizing profits leads to low quality goods and the consumer is stupid enough to fall for it. We live in a throw away era where people's value systems have changed. Consumerism is driven by marketing and irresponsible drives for profitability. We are led to believe that it is not cool to own things, but better to just use it and throw it away. Don't own a house, rent it. Use Uber, buy takeaways. Don't by records or CD's, just stream it. Basically, people no longer want to take responsibility for owning and caring for anything. (I still have all my old LP's which have pictures and information about the artists, some with lyrics of the songs. The excitement of paging through the shelves at the record shop, listening to new releases, the sound, the smell, the vibe is something that present generations are missing out on.)

    The packaging for this throw-away consumerism is clogging our rivers and oceans. Fortunately there are some who have seen an opportunity in this and are making packaging from banana leaves, sugar cane or paper compounds. It is interesting to note that throughout history, opportunity comes in times of the worst turmoil. All we need to do is to be alert to identify these opportunities and to find solutions for other people's problems or to add convenience to existing products or systems.
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    I would love to get together with some business professionals that are open to sitting in on a discussion with a unique group of business men and woman looking at how we can do things better in the current economy and diversify our options and get ahead... From the comments and posts I have read my associates and I would ceratinly love anyone who is open to come and sit in on one of our discussions

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    Product packaging....don't get me started. We purchased a new washing machine from Game a couple of months ago (after the last one we purchased from them a couple of years ago fell apart...but I digress) The smart new silver Defy machine was delivered very late in the afternoon and the delivery guys went off because i had to leave. A couple of hours later I get to remove all the packaging only to find that the machine has a massive dent on the side. I phoned Game the following day and they were very apologetic offering me a discount or even an upgrade for free. I turned both offers down and had them send me a new one. About a week later the geyser sprung a leak and I refuse point blank to pay R 8,000 to have it replaced. I ordered a new one from our local supplier and they delivered it a couple of days later ....yes you guessed it... with a massive dent (I got wise and removed the packaging before the delivery drivers left so they got to take it back with them. They eventually replaced the geyser a couple of days later and I had it fitted for about R 1,000.

    So, even with all the packaging the products still get smashed up.
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