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Thread: children and maintenance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terence Kelly View Post
    I am posting the for my Daughter. We live in the UK. Her ex husband returned to South Africa 5 years ago. He left two children now aged 9 and 7 since leaving he has not paid one penny support. How can we get payment from him. I would welcome advice
    We have what is called reciprocal maintenance agreements (
    This allows you to use a local legal system to get enforceable orders in another country
    Anthony Sterne
    DISCLAIMER The above is merely a comment in discussion form and an open public arena. It does not constitute a legal opinion or professional advice in any manner or form.

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    That's really a damn thing anyway. That's for sure need additional work, cause both of you cannot simply work some more to get there for basically anything. Each of your step in life should be written in that divorce and marriage agreements today.

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