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Thread: Remotes and your vehicle

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    Remotes and your vehicle

    There has been a report at my local CPF confirmed by the police and printed in the local rag.
    A gang has discovered that if they use a motorised gate remote to jam the signal from your vehicle remote, your car doesn't lock.
    People have walked away from their vehicles thinking they have locked them only to come back later and find them rifled or stolen.
    Be very aware and make sure you see that your car is locked before you walk away, these guys sit in a car nearby or follow you to a parking and activate their gate remote as you exit your vehicle thereby rendering your remote useless.
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    I have also heard of this, and can add.

    The electronic remote (programmable, single button). If you should purchase a new remote, in order to program it you must pres the buttons of the old and new remote at the same time, this switches signal between the old and new remotes. Criminals have now also found that if they are in the vicinity with a programmable remote and you press the remote to lock your car, the signal is picked up by their remote and now their remote can also unlock your car! TIP: When you press your remote do not stand further than a couple of meters from your car and look/listen for confirmation that your car has actually locked, this will confirm that the signal has not been intercepted.
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