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Thread: How to Convert Files to PDF(Batch Mode)

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    How to Convert Files to PDF(Batch Mode)

    In order to save time on converting files to PDF, the function, batch conversion is developed by converter developers. Spire Free PDF Converter is one good choice to batch convert files (including Word, Excel, HTML, Text and All Image Formats) to PDF.

    How to Batch Convert Files to PDF?

    Download Spire Free PDF Converter here, install and run the application. Then, the following screenshot is displayed.

    More about this free PDF converter can be consulted here.

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    Cute PDF also works well (if for what ever reason Spire doesn’t)

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    I do the same thing with PDFCreator. It basically sets the PDFCreator virtual printer as default (temporarily) then opens the files in turn in their associated programs and prints them. With PDFCreator's "auto-save" setting you can also adjust where they get saved and how they are named (even setting stuff like saving to JPG/PNG/TIF/SVG/etc.) ... without the dialog opening to ask you for each one.

    I like that spire has the Output folder shown for easier modification. But then I'd loose the drag-n-drop and/or select-right-click-PrintToPDF ability which I have with PDFCreator.
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