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Thread: Should Julius Malema Be Prosecuted.

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    Should Julius Malema Be Prosecuted.

    Shortly after joining this forum I started a thread " Malema a Monster In The Making". Is there any one out there who believes that he should be prosecuted for corruption. To this day the only people that I know of that have been prosecuted are Selebi and Shaik. There is a long line of very prominent people who should get their day in court. Julius Malema is a very bad example to the young black people of this country. He has attained an unbelievable life style through "foul means". I do not think there is any doubt about this. I am willing to bet that he will not get prosecuted for bribery and corruption. If this happens it could mean the fall of many other politicians and civil servants.
    My poem "The Gravy Train" is relevant to this whole situation

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    Probably as much chance of a successful prosecution against Juju as there was against JZ and we all know how that worked out.

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    i agree with dave...he just has to hold out for another year or 2 then he will start making and changing the rules as he feels...and people say mugabe is a problem...mmm...lets see what happens...has anyone been on the road when he travels?

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    The situation is what it is, until it is changed it will remain the same.
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    Malema is as crooked as they come. I mean lets go back 3 to 4 years before Zuma became President. Malema stayed in a simple town house in Centurion and drove a simple C180 mercedes.

    I don't expect him to be prosecuted or investigated by SARS. SARS and the prosecutors are a branch of the ANC and that tells you enough.

    Malema has a hatred for white people. You can see it in his eyes when he has a go at white people.

    I love the way he and the ANC throws terms around like Nationlisation. They don't have a clue what the words mean that they throw around.

    Malema wants to be a communist but live with all the luxuries of a capitalist society.

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