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Thread: Investment Or Promoting Methods

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    Investment Or Promoting Methods

    I have been working on the e-business for about two years. As the Chinese online shopping website which would first be doubted on the products quality. But after times proving, we do think that the products is ok now.

    Buy why there are still so many people who do not accept the Chinese products. Here first, we would say that our advertising work did not do well. But after we look back to our promoting way, we found we have tried all kinds of methods. The only thing is important is the invest on the promoting.

    As all know that there many big Chinese online shopping websites, such as,, These companies have invest a lot on there promoting and the sales are also good. As we know, Dinodirect have put about thousands of dollars on every day for everyday comparison. And the revenue is also wonderful there.

    As a result of this, invetment and the promoting methods, which is more important?

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    Sometimes it just takes time. I've heard a new shop in a shopping mall takes two years to reach its potential.

    I guess people are suspicious of something new and are slow to change established habits, but persistence gets you there in the end.

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    I think one of the main problems is the payment up front, and the feeling of no guarantee that the purchased item will ever arrive.
    Another one could be the unreliable postage system which means that the customer must request the product or the supplier must reissue.
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