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  1. Skills levy increase.
  2. Mandatory grant reports due by end of June.
  3. New tax-ruling system introduced.
  4. IT34 on efiling?
  5. independant contractors and PAYE/SITE
  6. income tax, invoices and payments
  7. VAT: representative vendor liability
  8. VAT: invoicing address
  9. PAYE: some salary questions
  10. cash basis taxation
  11. about to know
  12. Royalty payments are tax deductable.
  13. PAYE/UIF/SDL submission date
  14. Claiming VAT on vehicles
  15. New VAT guide
  16. Submission of VAT from a previous VAT period
  17. IRP 501, employees tax reconciliation
  18. Deduction of personal income protection
  19. What happens when the tax return is negative?
  20. Simpler tax returns
  21. Is your seller a non-resident?
  22. SARS closes old FNB accounts
  23. For employers that issue manual IRP5 certificates.
  24. National Treasury on Revenue Laws Amendment and Securities Transfer Tax Bills
  25. Efiling help please
  26. Tax forms and guides
  27. Do our tax laws subsidise driving?
  28. Problems with personal return on SARS efiling
  29. How to make cents of VAT
  30. UK Tax Refunds?
  31. an unpleasant visit to SARS
  32. Forgot username
  33. travel allowance
  34. Extension for company tax
  35. cc taxation?
  36. National Treasury on Taxation Laws Amendment Bill 2008 for public comment
  37. National Treasury on Taxation Laws Amendment Bills
  38. VAT for individuals
  39. T Manuel: Introduction of Taxation Laws Amendment Bills
  40. Rates amendments for residential properties
  41. tax ammnesty
  42. [Question] SARS Conduct & Assessments
  43. Foreign income
  44. Sale of IP to a new business
  45. Claiming UIF
  46. [Opinion] Urgent Advice please!
  47. interest and penalties
  48. Commercial Arts?
  49. Is the grass Greener off-shore ?
  50. Referal fees and VAT
  51. 2008 filing season for employers begins
  52. [Question] Issuing IT3a's
  53. New CC vat registration
  54. [Question] Corporate Tax Cut
  55. [Question] VAT
  56. More VAT
  57. National Treasury on Revenue Laws Amendment Bills
  58. Will the VAT threshold change?
  59. Layout change on SARS eFiling
  60. 2008 income tax return filing season starts
  61. Vat claim on pre vat registration
  62. Reimbursing travel expenses and VAT
  63. Independant Contractor
  64. South African Revenue Service on e@syFile for tax practitioners
  65. [Question] Contractor Vs Employee
  66. ITR12 and donations
  67. Changes to VAT registration process
  68. SARS extends individual filing deadline
  69. Fast ITR12 tax turn around time
  70. [Article] Proposed changes to 2nd Provisional tax payment
  71. TAx 2008
  72. VAT importer registration
  73. [Article] New DTA with Australia
  74. [Question] VAT Rates
  75. [Question] Excise rates for computer peripherals
  76. VAT vendor registration threshold change
  77. [Question] As a member of a cc can I sponsor myself
  78. IT3a query
  79. No Income Tax08 Return issued on E-Filing
  80. Tax Avoidance
  81. [Question] Company provisional tax overpayment
  82. Tax on interest used for renting
  83. [Question] PAYE payable on forgein commission?
  85. Amended Vat threshold 1 March 2009
  86. A strange question about VAT.
  87. Electronic travel logbook
  88. Small business turnover tax
  89. Small Business Tax
  90. Income tax rates 2010: Individuals and Trusts
  93. [Question] Substance over form and VAT implications
  94. Help with IT14 please
  95. [Question] PAYE ON COMMISSION
  96. New VAT Guides published by SARS
  97. PAYE for businesses
  98. [Question] Taxable portion of vehicle allowance: 2010
  99. PAYE for employers
  100. [Question] Help with Pastel Payroll Partner
  101. New version of Efiling
  102. Tax on hobby income
  103. [Question] Mandetory VAT Registration - In Trouble
  104. Tax help for Recreational Club
  105. Tax on income while resident in UK
  106. Vat deregistration
  107. CSV file for e@syfile
  108. Revenue Service extends business hours
  109. Treasury on Taxation Laws Amendment Bills
  110. tax implications of selling share in CC
  111. Deducting portion of rent/bond repayment
  112. SARS going too far?
  113. [Question] Vat on property sale transaction
  114. Capital gain distribution in trust
  115. Import tax???
  116. [Question] Purchasing a business as a running concern
  117. [Question] Charging 14% VAT
  118. Primary residence in CC
  119. [Question] Maximum tax deductable pension fund contributions
  120. [Article] Tax relief for transferring domestic residences
  121. urgently need tax advice and help
  122. [Question] Tax rates
  123. [Question] Old taxes paid on middling income...
  124. [Question] Tax Invoice VS Invoice
  125. P Gordhan: Taxation Laws Amendment Bills 2009
  126. Close Corp' TAX IMPLICATIONS??
  127. Other Deductions or Expenditure
  128. VAT and agents commission on sale of primary residence
  129. Revenue Service on industrial action
  130. tax directive
  131. [Question] Vat on vehicles
  132. Heavy penalties ahead for late tax returns
  133. Revenue Service on Draft Customs Control Bill and Draft Customs Duty Bill for public
  134. Revenue Service releases Draft Tax Administration Bill for public comments
  135. Tax return issued without IRP5
  136. SARS eFiling extremely slow
  137. What is going on at SARS?
  138. [Question] Stupid oversight now worried.
  139. Selling my 100% in a CC
  140. STC for company
  141. How To Save Company Tax In 2010
  142. [Question] After VAT Deregistration
  143. [Question] Tax return and audit of financial statements
  144. Budget 2010
  145. Help Turnover Tax
  146. Sometimes a tax rule can be stupid (IMHO)
  147. [Article] Medical Deductions and Tax
  148. Payments to beneficiary from family trust
  149. Anyone who needs TAX / Accounting Advice
  150. [Question] Taxation
  151. [Question] Rental losses - carried forward if absent from SA?
  152. VAT Threshold changes - please advise
  153. Student Tax?
  154. SARS Employer Filing Season
  155. Accuracy of a vat number
  156. Revenue Service on Western Cape labour broker charged of value added tax (VAT) fraud
  157. [Question] What do i do to Pay tax?
  158. Section 24c:Allowance for future expenditure
  159. Use of Motor Vehicle Fringe Benefit
  160. Treasury on 2010 Taxation Laws Amendment Bills
  161. SARS announces new compulsory EMP201 format from 01 July 2010
  162. e@syfile-employer not so easy this year
  163. IRP5 for the Employer?
  164. Notify SARS for change in ownership
  165. [Article] SARS gives R750 tax break for Fifa gear
  166. [Question] IRP5 issued with wrong tax code and UIF deduction
  167. Individual The individual SARS tax filing season commenced on 01 July 2010
  168. [Question] Commission expenses
  169. bank account limit and sars
  170. [Question] VAT - The price you see is the price you pay ?
  171. VAT on used Motorcars
  172. Turnover Tax Annual Return
  173. Tax Question on once-off commission
  174. Getting IRP5 from company in liquidation
  175. Income Tax: Agent Appointment Implementation
  176. Input & Output VAT
  177. Converting a CC to a sole proprietor
  179. Incorrect month's EMP201 filed
  180. IRP 5 submissions bi annually
  181. Income Tax on small business
  182. Sole Trader Tax Question
  183. SARS Submissions due 29 October 2010
  184. [Question] Tax implications of changes in membership of a CC
  185. Application for Tax Clearance Certificate
  186. [Question] Rental Income\Loss
  187. VAT on property sales
  188. Member Loan Account and Deferred Salary
  189. EMP201 payments today
  190. SARS PAYE workshops
  191. [Question] Tax on leave pay and bonus
  192. Donations to NGOs
  193. [Question] Very late tax return problem
  194. Severance Pay & Tax
  195. [Question] VAT Threshold - Foreign Clients
  196. [Question] import duty
  197. Income tax for foreign owned companies.
  198. [Question] OFFSHORE INCOME
  199. [Article] How to find your EMPSA on SARS eFiling
  200. [Question] Sole Proprietor Advice Required?
  201. Penalty & Interest for late VAT returns?
  202. [Question] dividends tax replaces STC
  203. VAT Registration
  204. Inventory adjustment + effect on balance sheet
  205. Leased Items excluded from Small Item write-off allowance
  206. 2011/2012 Tax Tables
  207. SARS announces 2011 Employer Filing Season
  208. Working from home and VAT
  209. Int. trading - tax savings through offshore company?
  210. VAT on Double Cab bakkies
  211. [Question] Contractors and Tax
  212. [Question] Resubmitting EMP201
  213. [Question] EMP501 - Which month to include amount?
  214. Capital Gains Tax on Primary Residence
  215. Coming clean with SARS
  216. [Question] Most Efficient Structure to avoid Tax in South Africa
  217. Double Taxation Treaties
  218. RENTAL expense of business if working from home!!!!!!
  219. Can a person run two different self proprietor companies and tax implications?
  220. [Question] Vat on Bidders
  221. [Question] Investing in UK
  222. 2 x business - how to allocate petrol expense between the two businesses?
  223. [Question] Tax on Small Business
  224. Tax Rebate on Occupational Rent
  225. UFiling - FAO DaveA
  227. [Question] Tax on CC income
  228. Tax not being paid to Sars
  229. Vat registration
  230. [Question] Occupational rental
  231. Working with EMPSA and tax certificates via easyfile employer
  232. [Question] How does an tax practitioner register an employee on an employer's behalf?
  233. Recovery of Vat on expenses incurred overseas
  234. Problem submitting EMP201 on eFiling
  235. [Question] Sole Proprietor and Turnover Tax
  236. [Question] TAX - un-employed
  237. [Question] I don't even know where to begin
  238. [Question] information on tax registration at sars.
  239. Employees Tax
  240. [Question] Full-time contractor & starting a small business
  241. Small business help
  242. IRP 5 mid-year reconciliation
  243. [Question] Independent contractors
  244. eFiling Question - Medical Deductions
  245. [Question] There's still a lot of Eish in tax for me...
  246. biannual PAYE reconciliation
  247. PAYE on bank charges refund
  248. Reminder for provisional tax payers
  249. Vat on Fringe benefit - medical expenses
  250. [Question] info on tax/vat