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Cancer - The Basics of my Proven Protocol

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The word, not to mention the diagnosis, instills fear into the hearts of most, and panic into all friends and family affected by it.

I am a Breastcancer survivor.
In 2010 I was diagnosed with Stage IV Breastcancer - and given the very poor prognosis of a 30% chance of survival / 6 months to live.

I had no medical aid, and due to a string of catastrophes I did not have the financial back-up to pay outright for treatment (At that stage costs would be around R26 000.00 for an implant to protect my ovaries from chemo; R 10 000 for the initial consults and biopsy already done, R14 000 per round of chemo x 3 x 12.)

I also did not have peace of mind about the medical treatments.

The day before I was due to start with chemo, I changed my mind. I was going to do it my way. I did my research, found things that made sense to me, and devised my own treatment protocol. (All alternative therapies).

Six weeks later I was in remission. Now I am cancer-free.

This is what I have found:


Cancer stands on three legs:
* Anaerobic conditions (Low oxygen levels in blood)
* Acidic conditions (Low pH levels in blood)
* Emotional / Psychosomatic

Addressing these three issues as a whole means the cancer HAS to die; addressing only the first two normally means that it comes back as a different type of cancer, 2 to 12 years afterwards. And then it is stronger, and will probably kill you.

Oh Too (O2/Oxgen)
1. Just as we need oxygen to breathe, our cells need it to stay healthy, and divide into healthy cells. Lack of oxygen means that the DNA of a normal cell is not replicated perfectly. Habits like smoking and drinking dehydrates the body, and removes oxygen from the body, and replaces it with gunk. We live lifestyles where we lack exercise in fresh air, we breathe aircon-filtered air for 8 hours a day, we don't drink clean, healthy water. (Water carries oxygen into the body).

Ways to increase oxygen levels:
* Train yourself to breathe correctly (we breathe shallowly through habits and stress)
* Cardio exercise is great for this and to bust stress (I did boxing, and pictured the face of everyone who pissed me off on the punching bag)
* Meditate through breathing
* Drink lots of decently fitered water
* Ozone therapy
* Floatation tank therapy (Great for detox too)
* Certain supplements such as 'Cellfood' helps to increase oxygen levels
* Cut down/ stop smoking

pH (Acidity Levels)
2. An acidic blood level affects the cell-wall permeability, which means that the cells cannot utilize any nutrients available to them. This means that the nutritional value of food that we eat is drastically reduced, and that supplements such as vitamins, cannot utlized by the body. In essence the cells cannot access the building blocks that they need to form new healthy cells. Cancer DIES in a blood pH of 7 and above, but most people's levels are in the range of 5.5 - 6.5 (way too acidic).
Acidity is caused by lifestyle - lack of exercise, stress (cortisol - stress hormone), coffee, alcohol, smoking, eating red meat, processed foods, drinking too little water, lack of sleep / rest, sugar, hormones present in foods etc.

Ways to lower blood acidity (increase blood pH):
* Drink more clean water
* Reduce stress by meditation or cardio exercise, or meditative exercise such as Tai Chi
* Cut down on red meat / alcohol / smoking / sugar / coffee (NB! Rooibos tea leaches iron from the body, so it's better to drink coffee than Rooibos - Decaffinated coffee is even worse because of the chemicals used to remove the caffeine.)
* Eat an organic diet / lots of fresh veg and fruit
* Follow a program such as - a homeopathic range that targets the correction of blood pH.
* Get intravenous Vitamin C / Peroxide treatments weekly at first - detox / cancer killer / LOWERS acidity! (makes you feel like crap at first until your immune system kicks in and starts fighting).

NB! You don't have to do this for EVER - your body is very forgiving - once you are healthy again, you can go back to eating / doing stuff you love - in moderation.

Don't cry for me, Argentina (Emotional / Psychosomatic)
3. The emotional part of this disease is the hardest of it all. It involves brutal self honesty, loads of tears and lonely walks and long silences and banging your head against a brick wall. Which is exactly why most people never address this. It is by far the most important aspect of fighting cancer, because it is the only LASTING solution.
In essence, you need to find out why your body created the cancer - yep, it is directly related to an incident, which re-occured in some way, and then became a pattern. For instance - breastcancer's psychosomatic cause is lack of self-nurturing. Anybody who really knows me, will know that it is in my nature to do too much for others, to my own detriment (this is turn, stems from abandonment issues - so the reasoning goes that if you are nice enough to people, they will never leave you. NB! This method does NOT work - merely because you end up abandoning YOURSELF).
I can pinpoint the day the breastcancer was 'activated'; I know exactly which event 'caused' it to start growing malignantly. And this knowledge is something that I work at every day. Whenever I recognize my 'triggers', I know it's time to follow the protocol again. It is NOTeasy, but I now channel that need to nurture and be needed into my rescued animals,. They only leave physically when they die, and they are so happy and present and available in every other way.
This process is intense, and months later memories may surface of things that you've repressed. You will doubt yourself, your sanity, your right to be in this world. And you will contemplate suicide very seriously, and may even have your suicide kit all laid out, like I did.
If you only address this, the cancer will also die, but it will take a lot longer. Your body did not manifest it in eight weeks, so therefore if you don't act physically, it may take years to un-manifest. (It is also very rewarding and inspiring to see your body react to what you are doing on a physical level, instead of waiting for an emotional trigger to be activated - and you may never realize that you've successfully circumnavigated said trigger purely because of the lack of emotional response.)

Ways to deal with Emotional / Psychosomatic Causes:

* Be good to yourself - treat yourself regularly to things you would not normally consider, but that will make you feel good (And ditch the guilt please)
* Detox physically (proper diet / water / exercise)
* Detox energetically / emotionally
# Reiki / Reflexology / Yoga
# Massages (especially lymph drainage which is supposed to be light tapping only, not bruising)
# Hypnosis / Regression Therapy
# Introspection / Quiet time / Listen to your body / Meditation / Prayer
# Writing letters to people who made you angry, 100% percent honestly stating what you want - then release this, and burn the letter (if you are not ready to let go of it, the paper will not burn. You can write one to your own body or yourself too. You will know that you have dealt with this once you have nothing more to 'say' to that person)
# Ditch the leeches (Family / friends who don't support you / use you / abuse you) - send them on their merry way with love.
# Find a non-judgmental person/healer/therapist who shares your spiritual / religious views, and work with them regularly, especially at first.
# If you feel suicidal / need help dealing with abuse / rape PLEASE call the Helplines available
# Trust yourself

* Be bullied into anything by anyone
* Doubt
* Hang around with negative people
* Talk about the cancer as 'my cancer' (it's not mine, I don't want it!)
* Believe anybody without doing your own research
* Do what you've always done - that's why you are in this position!
* Stop medical treatments, unless convinced that it's right for you
* Mope around and tell everyone your story a thousand times (Firstly, no-one cares, and secondly you are keeping yourself stuck in the disease)

Extra info:
* In my opinion, cancer is not a killer, chemo is. (The worldwide chemo survival rate is 2 - 3% - it kills you before the cancer gets a chance to.)
* Most people do not know what chemo is - a cocktail of +- 8 things that force your body to accept the poison; +-1 antibiotic at thousands of times the normal dosage; mustardgass (yes, like in the holocaust). If you knew this, would you put it in your body?
* There are many alternative cures out there - all of them address one or more of the three things I listed above.
* Chemo in South Africa is not regulated - i.e. the oncologists can pretty much ask how much they want for it. (It is highly lucrative).

* I am, for the third year, hosting the CANSA Relay for Life fundraiser this weekend in Pretoria. Despite the fact that CANSA 'could not help me (sic)', I believe people need to know about my way of thinking, and in this way, I get to make a difference - 12 hours on a stage in front of 5000 people.

~ The best way to support a cancer patient, is to provide them with information on which to base a decision. And then respect that choice. And LOVE them ~

NB! This blog is not to be regarded as medical advice - these are my views which I am living proof of.

For more information, please feel free to email me:

~ The only person who you need to be at peace with, is yourself. Even if the whole world is against you, but you believe in yourself, you have won ~

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  1. Christel's Avatar
    Thanks for this blog entry & well done.
  2. Dave A's Avatar
    I have to confess I put off reading this blog entry for a while. I'm really stoked I got round to reading it now.

    Well done Carina!
  3. Darkangelyaya's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ChristelACS
    Thanks for this blog entry & well done.
    Thank you for reading and commenting!
  4. Darkangelyaya's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dave A
    I have to confess I put off reading this blog entry for a while. I'm really stoked I got round to reading it now.

    Well done Carina!
    Thanks Dave!

    *Sidenote: Did you put off reading it for personal reasons? 'Coz my username, sense of humour and haircolour, that's about as dark as it gets.
  5. Dave A's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Darkangelyaya
    *Sidenote: Did you put off reading it for personal reasons?
    Pretty much, although not because cancer itself being too close for comfort as a subject - just trying to keep negative input into the mind down at the moment.

    Happily the business pressures of the year so far are returning to normal levels now, so I was feeling in a better place to read up on a subject that normally has such powerful negative connotations.

    I have strong empathy, and when I read a sad story, I really feel it. And the soul can only take so much at a time.
    Of course, as it turns out you have given a very powerful, positive message on the subject
  6. Gav7341's Avatar
    Courage is powerful, you are a inspiration and I stand humbled before you for your inner strength to conquer the Cancer. May your life continue to be filled with daily blessings.
  7. Citizen X's Avatar
    Very inspirational Carina
  8. Lynda's Avatar
    Hi Carina, thank you for this. If only people did a lot more research before going for mamograms.