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Vanash Naick

South African Local Music at its best

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Mapula Malatji: Emmanuel: Lyrics and Video: Produced by Thafis Music

I’m an ordinary South African Citizen, a patriot and someone who cares about the “Black Child,” of South Africa.
I’ve being privileged and honoured to witness a daughter of our land express herself in music.

On 13 August 2017, I had the pleasure of witnessing a gentleman by the name of Mr Dan Nkgadima(whom I affectionately refer to as “Uncle Dan,”), shoot a musical video deep in the heartland of South Africa, namely Thembelithle Informal Settlement(Meaning “Good hope.”)

On this faithful day, a savvy young lady, a mother of two girl children, finished what she started with Uncle Dan. Uncle Dan already created the original music. Mapula had already , in a professional sound proof digital room, put her voice to the melody created by Uncle Dan. The next step was the shooting of the music video.

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Originating from very humble beginnings in Limpopo, Mapula expressed a deep interest in music in particular gospel music, as a young girl child.
Mapula, has all the all the qualities that should make her an outstanding success. She is appealing for an opportunity, such as a South African music distributor assisting her on this journey.

She has qualities such as humility, wholesomeness, innocence and an original South African voice(made in South Africa)

Mapula does indeed have great potential, a unique stage presence. Welcoming her South African voice will be a credit to South Africa.

Her name expresses it beautifully “Mother of the rains!”
Her rain is the sound that she shares with you from the depths of her soul”

“I see an artist with potential that requires a patriotic South African to distribute her music.
Mapula has completed an album with 10 Tracks." Mr Daniel Nkgadima

Mr Daniel Nkgadima, is a local music producer. He has several eloquently produced songs. He is a qualified producer, and his songs are recorded in a digital professional studio. All his songs are registered with SAMRO (South African Music Rights Organisation).

I had the sheer pleasure of being in Thembelithle Informal Settlement, on 13 August 2017.

It was a pleasure to witness the making of the following original South African Music Video.

Mapula's music fall within the popular genre of gospel. This song is a combination of Sotho, Pedi and Tswana. Historically, gospel music manifested in Venda, Shangaan, Sotho, Zulu and Xhosa, and is still hugely popular.


Mr Nkgadima(Producer and song writer), and I(agent) are looking for a distributor, South African or international to distribute the music of several South African artists.

Lebitso langwana
Ke Emmanuel
Maria Mmago Jesu
A fiwa ngwana
Le bitso la ngwana ke Emmanuel
Ba Mitsa ka mabitso
Ba ba ngwe ba mitsa “Maetha,”
Ba ba ngwe ba mitsa “Rabie,”
Ba re Emmanuel mongarono

English translation

The child’s name is Emmanuel
Mary mother Jesus was given a child
The name of the child is Emmanuel
They call the child with many names
Others they call him “Maetha,”
Others they call Him “Rabie,”
They said Emmanuel, our Lord
Photo source[1]
Video source[2]

[1] Mr Dan Nkgadima: 13 August 2017, with consent of artist and producer

[2] Youtube: Accessed 18 August 2017

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    Thato Masala: Child of the soil: Lyrics and Video produced by Thafis Music

    Mr Nkgadima describes the essence of the song “Child of the Soil,” as follows

    The song “Child of our Soil,” expresses a simple sentiment: ‘Nntate Mandela as a founding father of our nation left us too early!

    Many freedom fighters left us too early, when we need their wisdom and guidance more than ever before.
    We cry for this country, we cry for the children of our soil.
    Many have forgotten Ubuntu, the greater good and common good.
    Many are currently self-interested and don’t care about the child of our South African soil.

    I created this song for many reasons. My father Ben Mapase Nkgadima was kidnapped and murdered in 2008. I didn’t foresee the pain that his absence would cause.
    He was a fighter for his own family. During Apartheid my father protected me as his child. I had hope because of our founding father Madiba
    When we lost Madiba, I made an observation, many people have departed from Ubuntu. This is why I said ‘Cry, the child of the soil!”

    The singer of this song Thato Masala is a young man who has many philosophical questions deep within him. His father passed away. As a young man he never spoke to his father or got guidance from his father. All that he was told, is that his father loved him. To date, he is trying to find his siblings to get answers as to who he is in this world.

    [1] Video source

    Video and lyrics[2]

    [1] Youtube: Accessed 19 August 2017

    [2] Displayed with the consent of Mr D Nkgadima
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    2 Cente: Boitumelo Mokapilo: Produced by Thafis Music

    Boitumelo Mokapilo, started singing at a very young age .Like many other South Africans, she comes from a disadvantaged background and had to contend with the hardships of survival. She has a single mother. As a second child to four siblings, she escaped the pain of poverty by singing and dancing. She performed at a traditional festival deep in the highlands of Kwazulu Natal. She was the main feature of this event. Despite putting her entire being into this event, she didn’t benefit financially whatsoever. Thafis Music, headed by Mr Dan Nkgadima took her under his shoulder, and shared a vast wealth of knowledge with her in terms of singing, dancing and having a stage presence.

    The producer’s brainchild was to develop her, so that in turn she could make a meaningful contribution to her family.

    The producer, using his own financial means ensured that Boitumelo and a range of others were transported to Kwa Zulu Natal to perform before Prince Africa Shingane Mpande.

    The key question is simple: There is so much local talent in South Africa, and yet no willing distributors.

    Be this as it may, Mr Nkgadima still strives to make a success of the lives of poor South Africans such as Boitumelo.

    2 Cente means, even two cents would have helped but we got nothing.

    Some people got nothing, some people have ways and means, some people have hopes and dreams!

    Video source[1]
    Photo source[2]

    [1] Youtube: Accessed 26 August 2017

    [2] Thafis Music with consent of producer
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    Boitumelo Mokapilo: Onkweni (name of Tribal event): Organised by Prince Shingana Zulu:2015: Shingana KaMpande (Produced by Thafis Music)

    With skilful precision, Boitumelo Mokapilo, as a Tswana artist, sang this song in Zulu. This is a skill in and of itself. The purpose of the song and the event was to praise the King of the Zulu.

    Boitumelo was the main artist of this event. As the previous song ( 2 Cente) alludes to, Boitumelo didn’t get a cent.

    This event is a testament to the skill of the artist, and the skills of the producer such as putting creative ideas together, arranging the actual song and coaching Boitumelo and 40 back up artists before the event. Thafis Music also supervised the rehearsal of this song right to the finished product, ensuring a professional performance at the event known as “Onkweni.”

    Most of the dancers featured here, had to come from North West Province to Gauteng for rehearsal in studio. They done so with no sponsorship but a desire to sing and perform.

    One of the backing dancers is Tshepo Mokgabise.

    The rationale is that there is great potential in our informal settlements, and rural areas.

    The producer, Mr Nkgadima cares for the “child of our soil.” He’s normally requested on short notice by various young artists from rural areas and informal settlements to put together a song. Despite having a family himself, he heeds this call, and records these artists in a professional digital studio at his own expense and with no assistance.

    Many of these young artists have nothing constructive to do within the confines of an informal settlement. Mr Nkgadima has realised this, and doesn’t want these young artists to turn to drugs and/or crime, but rather express themselves in singing, dancing and acting.

    Hence, the continued request for a distributor, any other governmental department or concerned individual to come aboard, and assist these artists to realise their dreams.

    This call is made by both myself, as agent and Mr Nkgadima as producer.

    Video source[1]

    [1] Youtube: Accessed 1 September 2017
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    Boitumelo Mokapilo: Sarasarauwe: 2016: Produced by Thafis Music

    This song is about the Batswana dancing in the desert under the African sun. The song and video expresses the appreciation of simple things, often taken for granted, such as the enjoyment of the fresh air, and sounds of nature such as animals.

    This song is about the beauty of Africa such as the grass, animals and small creatures such as insects who too sing a song, and demonstrates how South Africans have music and natural rhythm deep within their hearts.

    In this video, there is a scene that includes dancing on part of a real tree. Under this tree burned a fire, at the same time the sun cast its golden rays on these dancers. No special effects were used.


    [1] Youtube: Accessed 1 September 2017
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    Tshepo Mokgabise: Uwe: 2016: Lyrics and Video: Produced by Thafis Music

    Aye uwe hayee
    Ke bone ngwanyana o motle dichabeng
    Ke bone seponono sa di koti
    Malome wame le rakgadi wame , a re
    Emeng ka dinao oyele
    Ntanteleng gwanyana wame
    Ntateleng kgarebe ntateleng
    Mmalebopo wame
    Ntateleng ngwanyana
    Ke Letse ke sa borobala ke gopotse
    Mmalebopo wame
    Aye uwe
    Ditsala dinja ditsego
    NNa ke gopotse MMalebopo wame
    Aye uwe
    English translation

    Aye uwe(sigh/expression)
    (I saw a beautiful lady from a different tribe)
    I saw the beauty that a smile creates when a woman smiles, the crevice on her face,
    My uncle and my aunty, please let us stand up and go and fetch her
    Go and fetch Mmalebopo (my rib)
    Go and fetch the lady that belongs to me
    Go and fetch my woman
    I haven’t slept
    I miss Mmalebopo (my rib), my lady
    Aye uwe(sigh/expression)

    Mmalebopo (my rib) is more beautiful than other ladies
    Aye uwe (sigh/expression)
    My friends are laughing at me when I miss Mmalebopo (my rib)

    Aye uwe (sigh/expression)
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    Tsutsube:Various artists:2015: Produced by Thafis Music

    Interestingly, this video is unique, in that its shot at night, and depicts young indigent men and women dancing around a fire to forget the pains of this life. They do so without alcohol and drugs. They tell each other stories. Their dance is about the movements of animals.

    This video shows the end of a day, the laborious task of collecting wood and water having now being done; the moment everyone has looked forward to has arrived! They now share with each other stories which manifest in dance.

    A young man will choose a future wife from the dancers around the fire, and so too will a young woman. This is about true love with a natural high. Due to poverty, there’s no comfort of electricity. The only light that shines is that of the fire, moon and passing cars.
    Men show how the eagle soars, fly and attacks. Even old people can show these young men and women how to dance, and they do!

    Video source[1]

    [1] Youtube: Accessed 2 September 2017
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    Boitumelo Mokapilo: Lenyalo:2016:Produced by Thafis Music

    Traditionally, in African Customary Law, a marriage gift called lobola is exchanged. The man and his family will send marriage gifts known as lobola such as cows.
    However, in this case, because of sheer poverty, and a burning heart of love, the marriage goods are ducks.
    The man is madly in love, still willing to contribute, but all he has to offer are some ducks

    Negotiations for lobola take place. There’s agreement and disagreement until an agreement is reached.
    The young lady burning with love in her heart, is excited about marriage and wants to get married, the parents are reluctant!
    Due to their respect for the relationship of these two young people, they accept the ducks!
    The man and woman love each other after-all!
    Marriage is not about buying and selling a partner with goods, it’s about the heart of the young man, his contribution is noted by the women’s family, and in this case accepted!

    In ancient time, under the African sun, you'll typically find a groom who comes from a very rich family. The groom would take his would be bride into his confidence. She would tell him that she overheard her family taking about lobola, and that 10 cows is what they require.

    The man's family now suspecting that it will be 10 cows, will bring 8 and hide 2 cows somewhere. The rationale is that if you ask for 10 cows and you actually bring 10 cows, this is a sign of disrespect to the woman's family, as in marriage the concept of rich and poor didn't exist. It was about creating a strong union between two families. Since 10 cows was asked for, 8 were given, on the wedding day, one was brought to slaughter, but this love story doesn't end here! There's a purpose for the remaining cow. This young man and woman will have children, and this remaining cow will help feed these children with milk.

    That's why the song says " Mokgonyana Ha Fetse Honyala," meaning (The son in law is not done paying the lobola, he's bound not to get finished and done with this tradition, regardless of how rich he is)" So, the for groom wedding is still not complete, long after the wedding, the man invites his in-laws to share a meal in the form of meat from this cow. The commitment to the bride was not finished until now. This is not an account that you pay and get done with, it's a life long union based on respect between these two families regardless of how rich or poor you are.

    Video source[1]

    [1] Youtube: Accepted 2 September 2017
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    Mapula Malatjie: Letswalo laka 2017: Lyrics and Video: Produced by Thafis Music

    Tswalo laka le ya bolela
    Tswalo laka le ya bolela
    Le mpotsa mathata
    Ke bona mehlolo
    le mpotsa mathata
    Ke bona meleko
    Dipalamenteng hoa lwana pap le
    Dikerekeng hoa lwana
    Theowa o re lwanele morene
    Theowa o re lwanele
    Theowa o re lwanele
    Theowa morena theowa
    Aoyonna aoyonna onkarabe morena
    Onkarabe morena
    Kebona Mathata
    English translation

    My conscience is talking to me
    My conscience is talking to me
    My conscience is telling me the problems
    I foresee problems
    I foresee distress and suffering
    I foresee trials and tribulations
    In our parliament, they are fighting

    Father, even in the Church they are fighting
    Father come down to fight for us
    Father come down to fight for us
    Father come down to fight for us

    Please answer my cry
    Please answer me my Lord
    Please answer me my Jehova
    I foresee problems
    On 16 September 2017, a lovely Spring day, excitement was palpable in the artists that appear in this music video.

    This music video features: Mapula Malatjie (lead vocals), Palesa Rampai, Christina Motahlana, Kelebogile Motawana, Elizabeth Matsheng, Rose Mielies, and the producer Dan Nkgadima

    Video source[1]

    [1] Youtube: Accessed 17 September 2017
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    Mapula Malatjie:Cain and Abel 2017: Lyrics and Video: Produced by Thafis Music

    This musical video was shot on 30 September 2017 in the Thembelihle, near the Thembelihle clinic. This song is based upon the Biblical first murder committed as a result of jealousy in the book of Genesis. Whenever any murder has taken place, it is the murder of a brother. It’s realized that even gossiping is like killing a brother(Producers emphasize).

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    Mapula Malatjie:Angeke 2017: Lyrics and Video: Produced by Thafis Music

    This music video was shot on 8 October 2017. It not only demonstrates the singing ability of the artists but also their acting ability.

    This music video features: Mapula Malatjie (lead vocals),Christina Motahlana, Kelebogile Motawana, Elizabeth Matsheng, Rose Mielies, and Eric Nhlabathi

    The rationale of this video is that the devil is cunning and uses many ways to destroy the human. Even before he attacks an individual, he has a meeting with fallen angels (demons) to address how a specific individual will be destroyed.
    We will never accept this state of affairs but use the full armour of God to protect us.

    I will accept this matter that the devil wants to play with me
    I will accept this matter that the devil wants to play with me
    I will accept this matter that the devil wants to play with me
    I will never accept this matter that the devil wants to play with me and my life
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    Mapula Malatjie: Jehova 2017: Lyrics and Video: Produced by Thafis Music

    Words and music: Dan Nkgadima

    This song is a combination of Tswana and Pedi.
    The emphasize is on God setting the captives free.

    One of the lines in English read as follows: “You have freed us from the first darkness.”

    Jehova modimo wa Israel X 4
    Oriefaladitse le fifi la pele
    Oriefaladitse le fifi la pele
    Kageno Rebato Retse Leho Repela
    Rethaba ha ka kang
    Hare Ho Kguma Mola
    Orentsi Tse Mole Lekiki are gega
    Re lokolohile Maaprika Gora
    Re Rseba Lo hoi kgatsa kammino
    Wa sedumedi
    Are a sahlaha satane athothomela
    Re Lokolohile maaprika gowa
    O retsitse le fifi
    A re geya lesedi

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  13. Vanash Naick's Avatar

    Mapula Malatjie: Lord Jesus:2017: Lyrics and Video: Produced by Thafis Music

    Words of this song by Vanash Naick. Music by Dan Nkgadima

    Lord Jesus, I give you all the praise and glory
    Jehova, I lift my hands higher and higher because:
    In the book of Hebrews, you are the author and finsiher of our faith
    In the Book of Joshua, you are the captain of God’s army
    In the Book of matthew, you are a friend of the sinner

    Chorus: LORD JESUS, I give you all the praise and glory
    Jehova, I lift my hands higher and higher because-
    In the book of John, you are the way, the truth and the life
    In the book of Isaiah, you are the prince of peace
    In the book of Revelation, you are the prince of peace
    In the book of Revelation, you are the Conquering Lion Of The Tribe of Judah,
    The King of Kings and Lord of Lords

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    Mapula Malatjie and Thato Masala: Nna Lebale Lapa 2017: Lyrics and Video: Produced by Thafis Music