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  1. If you want to get effective, get busy.

    Ever heard the saying "if you want to get the job done, give it to a busy person"?

    You'd think the right answer would be to give it to a person who has time to get the job done, but that's exactly what that old adage is warning against. And I've just come to realise, it is shockingly true.

    For most of my life I've been a very busy person - to the point of wondering if I'm not taking on too much. But I've always got through the load, and with pretty good results ...

    Updated 08-Aug-14 at 10:04 AM by Dave A

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  2. Live in the moment

    When you Really
    Live in The Moment
    Nothing can stop you.

    And people will follow you.
  3. "Selling" an Inter Vivos Trust posible?

    [QUOTE=PieterPan;112045]Is it possible to sell a trust, with a farm registered in the name of the trust, and what is the CGT implication if any?
    If there is no mention in the trust deed about beneficiary amendments will it be possible to add the “buyer” as a beneficiary and remove the “seller”?
  4. Quotable quotes

    Quote Originally Posted by Graeme View Post
    For such is the irresistable nature of truth that all it wants, and all it asks, is the liberty of appearing.
    Judge Thomas Boon Talford
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  5. lovely cheers

    Quote Originally Posted by adrianh View Post
    @KristiKat - I'm listening to Peter Tosh - Stepping Razor right now:

    I Dedicate the chorus to you:

    If you wanna live
    Treat me good
    If you wanna live, live
    I beg you treat me good
    I'm like a walking razor
    Don't you watch my size
    I'm dangerous
    Said I'm dangerous

    You go girl!
    Tags: cheers, fans, lyrics, razor
  6. The Friday funnies

    Quote Originally Posted by Alice Rain View Post
    I love this one!!!! Why did this pilot I was speaking to get someone annoyed with me, I was discussing a book called 'It doesn't matter where you sit'....
    Tags: jokes, pilot
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