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  1. Patience is a Virtue


    Stare at the image for a while!
  2. Book For Sale R1000000.00



    Author vieome

    Only 500 of these books have ever been published, and this last copy, which holds the secret to many things in life, could be yours for only One Million Rand. It is not just a book you are buying, but an idea that changes the world. Simply owning this book, gives the right mind access to a viral technology that could make you millions.

    Is one million rand too much ...
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  3. TODAY!

  4. Can I Do Better?

    I joined TFSA in June and have had a wonderful experience with it and it's community. Everyone here seems so eager to help, refer, feature, etc. everyone else and I love the spirit of sharing!

    My store, [url][/url], has had some success but I feel like I could do a lot better. I keep looking up ways to help increase sales or at the least page visits to my store and I do everything I read about but it doesn't seem to be helping much. I have a facebook I ...
  5. Meditation the Way

    [FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=4]The way of Meditation[/SIZE][/FONT]

    Trying to learn the art of meditation can be complex or easy depending on the mind that teachers it. Many people fail at meditation because they are told that they need to empty their minds, a some what impossible task. The truth is that meditation is an emptying of the mind and bringing it to focus on the moment. [B]

    Why Meditate?[/B]
    The body and the mind are in a dance called life, [URL=""]the ...
  6. The Accounting Cycle

    The Accounting Cycle


    Transaction 2
    You receive a receipt for stationary you bought for cash R10.00.

    Step 1
    Identify the source document, i.e receipt, invoice, credit note.

    Step 2
    Enter the source document into your journal(Please note this course is for manuel accounts, the capturing source documents in an accounting program will be handled differently.

    Basic Journal for ...
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