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  1. IT reality

    Beware: Information technology always does less than they said it would, takes longer, costs more and soon needs replacing.
  2. The Big 5 (plus 1) business limiters

    Nearly four years ago I posted an article called The Big 5 Business Limiters. That particular post got dumped in the site restructure that came with last week's upgrade. I'm reposting it here as it appeared before plus a footnote, mainly because I'll probably be referring to this in my next blog post.

    The Big 5 Business Limiters (as originally posted).

    I've been a business owner now for about 23 years, and have experienced much of the joy and pain that seems to go with ...
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  3. Business lessons from surfing

    It struck me the other day that business is a lot like competitive surfing.

    So now you're thinking "There's a weird thought, Dave. Next."

    OK. I know I might seem weird sometimes, maybe even all the time. But I think this might be worth the ride.

    You see, sometimes finding a solution just takes looking at the problem a slightly different way. Maybe that is what "perspective" is all about. So let's see where this goes.


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