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  1. A new way to measure society.

    Search traffic on terms related to uif and how to claim uif has been quite sharply on the increase for TFSA of late. It got me wondering - is this increase a local trend? And what would that imply about the state of employment and our economy just at the moment?

    How about global interest in Egypt? Seems somethings afoot in that neck of the woods right now.

    Among all the wierdness of the internet, we can not only record history as it happens but map its trends.
  2. Achieving Organisational Competence

    Anyone who is a business owner or manager nowadays will recognise there is a commodity that is in desperately short supply in South Africa right now.

    No. I'm not talking about money - we seemed to have solved that little problem as a nation by running up debt. Credit, and with it money, has been in bountiful supply. So much so that there might be a rather desperate reversal, but let's leave that challenge for another time.

    The shortage that I think our nation is suffering ...
  3. IT reality

    Beware: Information technology always does less than they said it would, takes longer, costs more and soon needs replacing.
  4. The Big 5 (plus 1) business limiters

    Nearly four years ago I posted an article called The Big 5 Business Limiters. That particular post got dumped in the site restructure that came with last week's upgrade. I'm reposting it here as it appeared before plus a footnote, mainly because I'll probably be referring to this in my next blog post.

    The Big 5 Business Limiters (as originally posted).

    I've been a business owner now for about 23 years, and have experienced much of the joy and pain that seems to go with ...
    Business , Strategy
  5. Business lessons from surfing

    It struck me the other day that business is a lot like competitive surfing.

    So now you're thinking "There's a weird thought, Dave. Next."

    OK. I know I might seem weird sometimes, maybe even all the time. But I think this might be worth the ride.

    You see, sometimes finding a solution just takes looking at the problem a slightly different way. Maybe that is what "perspective" is all about. So let's see where this goes.


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    Business , Strategy
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