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  1. Debt: How to claim prescription in practice and how to enter a special plea

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    Hi Guys,
    1. I have resolved to make one post that is not theoretical but rather very practical and that will answer every single question you could possibly have on the Prescription Act 68 of 1969, claiming prescription in practice, entering a special plea of prescription and proving that you’ve claimed prescription
    2. Find attached 5 documents, a FAQ doc, an example of a prescription claim letter, an example of a summons, an example of a special plea for prescription; and

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  2. The Accounting Cycle

    The Accounting Cycle


    Transaction 2
    You receive a receipt for stationary you bought for cash R10.00.

    Step 1
    Identify the source document, i.e receipt, invoice, credit note.

    Step 2
    Enter the source document into your journal(Please note this course is for manuel accounts, the capturing source documents in an accounting program will be handled differently.

    Basic Journal for ...
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  3. Do not read this!


    Star Date 1999
    Age 16

    These are extracts from from my first book that led to the idea of the million rand Hello World digital book.

    F E A R
    Chapter 666

    DO NOT READ THIS! Okay rule breaker read on

    The Key maker “Always another way!”

    For the longest time I refused to sit ...

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  4. Can we change our nature

    Watching recent developments around what is rather quaintly called "strike action" in our country, I couldn't help but think of the tale of the fox and the scorpion. For those that don't know it, it goes something like this:

    A scorpion was walking along the bank of a river, wondering how to get to the other side. Suddenly, he saw a fox. He asked the fox to take him on his back across the river.

    The fox said, "No. If I do that, you'll sting me, and I'll
  5. Defencex - Scam/Scammer/Scammee?

    The thread about Net Income Solutions (Defencex) was started a couple of weeks ago on by a member who wanted to know if it's a scam or not. Lots of comments were bandied about, also by myself.

    It was an interesting 'coincidence' when we picked up that the bank accounts had been frozen in February.

    But I was not prepared for the sheer volume of people invested in this scheme!

    I follow the news on this with a fair amount of interest, ...

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    A common problem experienced by employers is distinguishing between insubordination and insolence.

    An employee can be insolent (impudent, cheeky, disrespectful or rude) without necessarily being insubordinate (disobedient or challenging authority). Mere disrespect for the employer (or insolence, impudence, cheekiness or rudeness) cannot by itself constitute insubordination, which ...
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