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  1. The Mask Is Off

    It has been ages since I posted anything at the forum. I hope all is well and everyone is well.
    "All I'm trying to do is help you understand that The Name of the Rose is merely a blip on an otherwise uninterrupted downward trajectory. ."

    This will tell you more about me then I ever could.


    Follow the ...

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  2. South African Local Music at its best

    Mapula Malatji: Emmanuel: Lyrics and Video: Produced by Thafis Music

    I’m an ordinary South African Citizen, a patriot and someone who cares about the “Black Child,” of South Africa.
    I’ve being privileged and honoured to witness a daughter of our land express herself in music.

    On 13 August 2017, I had the pleasure of witnessing a gentleman by the name of Mr Dan Nkgadima(whom I affectionately refer to as “Uncle Dan,”), shoot a musical video deep in the heartland of ...

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  3. The Other-without fear favour or prejudice

    The Other - without fear, favour or prejudice.
    Can a 4-year-old child be a champion of justice?
    Which Germans embraced miscegenation just 2 years after Hitler's Holocaust? When should your mother demand to be fucked?
    Is a leopard a match for men armed with modern rifles? Would children of White paternity adopt Black men as father figures?
    Is the colour of poverty dark brown? Was "Black Thursday" only an American problem? Did the bombing of Dresden reach an ...
  4. The dreaded reality...

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave A View Post
    If you're talking about how (or if) the Jacob Zuma era ends after 2019, you're probably right - the next two years are going to be pretty significant. For South Africa at least...

    On the global stage - we've got the Trump presidency of the USA where anything could happen, frankly. So that's a four year window there...

    Brexit - 2 years.

    For the rest - It looks like the usual mess evolving along. I don't see any particularly special deadlines at this point.
  5. Final Blog Post


    Final copy of book. Best download pdf version free

    Also available in hard copy PM for orders.

    Hope everyone on the forum is well and business is treating them good.

    One last final thought on perceptions in Suoth Afirca!

    What comes to mind when people first read the following.

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]6 ...
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  6. Violence always the answer?

    Quote Originally Posted by AndyD View Post
    People do what works for them. People have learned from the past that the more cars you overturn, the more shopfronts you can destroy and the greater the collateral damage you can cause the better the chance of getting your demands why wouldn't this be the preferred method of protest?
    What will allow this type of behaviour to continue, is the total lack of responsibility for their actions. Until this is implemented, and until the government becomes more proactive rather than reactive, ...
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