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Why so ssserious?

[SIZE="5"]Come on, really, think about it ...[/SIZE]


  1. Race as if your life depends on it

    So this [URL=""]sperm race[/URL] (my previous blog post) still occupies my mind ... and no, sweetie, get your mind out of the gutter!

    It's a pretty gruesome reality that, unless you win, you're gonna die! Every little okey in this race has to swim for dear life, because his existence really and literally depends on it. The winner receives the ultimate prize! And the fellow who finished a fraction of a second ...

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  2. Are you a winner?

    I heard a very inspiring view yesterday: "What was the first race you ever won?" Gosh, my mind started flipping through events of yeeeaaars gone by to answer that question. After about a minute of silence, except for the occasional "erm" and "I'm not sure", he gave up the answer... CONCEPTION!

    Can you even imagine the odds of winning a race of that magnitude? What an awesome achievement! I was (and you yourself were) one entry in a race where millions ...

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