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  1. Logo Design 101 - Part 3 - Finalising your logo

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    After having come through the entire logo design progress, the third stage is really a victory lap of sorts. This part of the process deals with the final touches and getting your logo out there. I promise there will be no more long tutorials to sift through and no more steep learning curves to climb. Once you have mastered all the concepts dealt with in the first two parts of this mini-series, this third part will be an absolute walk in the ...
  2. Logo Design 101 - Part 2 - Transferring Your Ideas to the Computer

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    Now that you have brainstormed your logo ideas, it's time to learn how to get those ideas recreated digitally on your computer.

    Please note that in order for you to commence with this stage of the logo design process, you need to have at least one solid idea down on paper. A rough sketch and an idea of what the final product should look like. This is part 2 of the Logo Design 101 mini-series, if you don't have a solid concept yet or missed ...
  3. Logo Design 101 - Part 1 - Brainstorming

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    After my post regarding business card design was so well received by everybody, and after numerous questions answered and debates had with members here, I have decided to tackle logo design as my next major "post".

    Unfortunately/fortunately I have so much to talk about regarding logo design that I will be splitting it all into a mini-series consisting of 3 parts, this post being part 1. You can expect part ...
  4. Business Card Design 101

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    As mentioned in my first blog post, Standing Out From the Crowd, Red Giant is a venture in which we aimed to be remembered. One of the primary image-related things we focused on in order to achieve that goal was great business card design.

    A full 2 weeks were spent researching, brainstorming, designing and redesigning our business cards, in order to make sure they were perfect. We wanted to receive great reactions every time we handed ...

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    Small Business & Entrepreneurship , Branding
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  5. Standing Out from the Crowd

    In most markets, being unique and separating your business from your competitors is extremely important in order to be able to succeed. In the web design niche, this is especially pertinent.

    The Internet has seen a global shift in the way business is done. Paperwork is now considered-old fashioned and people are using technology for almost everything. The result is that every man and his dog is trying to take advantage by entering the web development market, creating one of the ...

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    Small Business & Entrepreneurship , Branding
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