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  1. Florrience's Avatar
    Political related issues most are complex..I think...
  2. Lynda's Avatar
    I was under the impression this count was in order to see where services are required. They came and counted me (I live in a house with a street address) but I often drop off food at a squatter camp and the people there weren't counted???? So, what is the count actually for?
  3. Blurock's Avatar
    Well, we've heard of all the ghost employees drawing salaries from the state. Maybe Durban will now become a Ghost Town?
  4. Dave A's Avatar
    According to this morning's news on Morning Live, the dispute is because the Durban enumerators claim they are being paid less than their counterparts in the rest of the country. Either way, it's a remuneration problem.

    Or maybe an enumeration problem?
  5. mbsmit's Avatar
    Well, I sincerely hope not - otherwise all of there hard will be lost - and what about the people? I think in a case like this they could possible then just re-run the census in durban? I don't know the procedures in a case like this.