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Blog entries relating to creating a healthy organisation.

  1. Personality vs System in business

    Are you a system based business or a personality based business?
    Which is better?
    What are the strengths and weaknesses of each?

    Key attributes of a personality based business.
    Massively dependant on a key individual, normally with a critical skill or the only decision maker. This individual is central to client relationships and is surrounded by support staff with very little discretion of their own. There are very few decision makers. Would-be usurpers to the ...
  2. Achieving Organisational Competence

    Anyone who is a business owner or manager nowadays will recognise there is a commodity that is in desperately short supply in South Africa right now.

    No. I'm not talking about money - we seemed to have solved that little problem as a nation by running up debt. Credit, and with it money, has been in bountiful supply. So much so that there might be a rather desperate reversal, but let's leave that challenge for another time.

    The shortage that I think our nation is suffering ...