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  1. tec0's Avatar
    The fact that it actually worked… I still find it difficult to believe but it did. That said I don’t think it will work for everyone, some GPU’s die due to the chipset and there is really not much one can do then.
  2. Dave A's Avatar
    I suppose if it isn't working, it's worth a shot
  3. tec0's Avatar
    Yes indeed, why does one need labour brokers? Fact is there are many ways to fire a bad worker and get a good worker. But my problem is with the unions not enabling “good standing” with companies and at the same time they ignore their members. Basically the unions will only deal with a case if it benefits them to do so. This can be financial and or media exposure.

    They are not what they claim to be. Fact is unions can only fight a case if “rules” where broken same as everything else. If an employer plays within the rules a union is about as useful as a blindfold in a coffin.

    I think that employees must rethink their strategies and employers must empower themselves. Equality by education is a start forcing town bylaws are counterproductive. If companies start petitioning against the bylaws that will help and it will open the door to negotiations.

    The key is communication, moral standing and education. With these three relatively simple systems we can start to build a future again. Right now we are just tearing each other down and in the end if nothing can float then everything will sink...
  4. Dave A's Avatar
    "In my opinion" I think it is unions and labour regulation overstepping the "reasonable" mark that has led to the increasing popularity of labour brokers with business. If a business could hire and fire as easily as the labour brokers seem to be able to do it, why would a business want to incur the additional cost of a labour broker?

    Looking at the state of the unions themselves, I think their problems of late is they've been burning up their goodwill with their members trying to play a power game that is for the benefit of the union leaders more than the member workers themselves. Of course those leaders say that what's good for them is good for their members too - but is that really true?