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  1. Cancer - The Basics of my Proven Protocol

    The word, not to mention the diagnosis, instills fear into the hearts of most, and panic into all friends and family affected by it.

    I am a Breastcancer survivor.
    In 2010 I was diagnosed with Stage IV Breastcancer - and given the very poor prognosis of a 30% chance of survival / 6 months to live.

    I had no medical aid, and due to a string of catastrophes I did not have the financial back-up to pay outright for treatment (At that stage costs would be around R26 ...

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  2. Defencex - Scam/Scammer/Scammee?

    The thread about Net Income Solutions (Defencex) was started a couple of weeks ago on by a member who wanted to know if it's a scam or not. Lots of comments were bandied about, also by myself.

    It was an interesting 'coincidence' when we picked up that the bank accounts had been frozen in February.

    But I was not prepared for the sheer volume of people invested in this scheme!

    I follow the news on this with a fair amount of interest, ...

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  3. Animal Talk - Dr Do Little or Don't Do Anything

    As a passionate and possibly delusional, overenthusiastic animal lover, I have rescued my share of strays. And their sad stories told through their liquid eyes always break my heart.

    I have often wondered how much animals really understand of our interaction with them. Sometimes it seems that what we interpret as a response might just be the reaction we would have liked, and not the one the animal actually intended. We are interpreting their communications through our own frame of ...
  4. You Are

    You Are

    You are the life I inhale
    you are my featherless flight
    you are the stories I regale
    you are the sky in my night
    you are those most ancient of memories
    you are the stirring of my soul
    you are the feast I consume
    you are the fire when I'm cold
    you are the blood in my veins
    you are the dreams in my heart
    you are the one that remains
    my lifesong's purest refrain

    Copyright: Carina 2008
  5. The One Wielding the Chainsaw is always the Boss

    I have been in this specific line of business for many, many years. Yet people continue to amaze me with their absolute obtuse disregard for common decency, not to mention their refusal to use either the fleshy decorations proudly displayed on the side of their heads, or the grey matter between them.

    Recently I was appointed by the Trustees of a Body Corporate to do some tree felling (removal of two dangerous trees, and pruning of several others to render them safe) and maintenance. ...

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  6. The Bar at the Foot of Mount Kilimanjaro

    Every time we say goodbye
    I walk that sad slow walk
    Believing the lie
    The one that says we’ll see each other soon
    The one where your body flies me to the moon
    Where your lips drown me in an ocean of fire
    And your hips map the road to ultimate desire
    Every time I leave you I get broken
    In ever smaller pieces with every
    Promise that we’ve never even spoken
    I cannot read or write or think

    As often as