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  1. Advantages of HIMALAYAL on-site test system for power cable Resonant Test Systems

    The system for power cable[U] on-site testing[/U] is needed, as the [B]power cable[/B] is normally has been paved. And USER can not use their system in the lab to test such system at the place where these power cable assembled. As there may be dozens hundred kilometer distance.
    [URL=""]Himalayal[/URL] movable resonant test system for [U]power cable on-site testing[/U] has get multiple sucess. Because such system has many special advantages:
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  2. gas insulated ac test system high voltage test systems

    [B]Gas insulated ac test system[/B] has some difficult on heat dissipation.
    As conventional ac test system is insulated by oil, and gas insulated ac test system adopt [B]SF6[/B] gas as insulation material. Transformer has better performance on heat dissipation. So heat dissipation is one of the mainly problem need solved to gas insulated advanced system.
    In order to solve this problem, [URL=""]Himalayal[/URL] has two different solutions:
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  3. ABB Group: Layout of the high-voltage transformer market

    The high voltage transformer is applicable to 1kV to 220kV power system, this large voltage power system will be converted into a small voltage or large current converted into a small current in order to measure, protect, the use of the transformer.

    Nowadays, demanded for transformer with a 12% annual growth rate per year. The traditional electromagnetic current transformer is not only needed to consume a large amount of copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous materials, and a huge ...
  4. Can I Do Better?

    I joined TFSA in June and have had a wonderful experience with it and it's community. Everyone here seems so eager to help, refer, feature, etc. everyone else and I love the spirit of sharing!

    My store, [url][/url], has had some success but I feel like I could do a lot better. I keep looking up ways to help increase sales or at the least page visits to my store and I do everything I read about but it doesn't seem to be helping much. I have a facebook I ...