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    Hi Dave

    Thanks for your response, the forum has provided a lot of help over the years and I thought it was a great way of giving back.

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    Hi Vieome,

    A quick note to say thanks for the books. Hello World is a particular pleasure - just couldn't help but put a smile on my dial.

    My best regards

    Dave A
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    Where have you been Vieome? itís been ages since I have seen you on the forum, has it got something to do with what you wrote in this blog?
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    Apart from the psychology Zim is fuct, no ifís or buts. Yet it sits with so much natural deposits that are yet unexploited. This wealth literally under their feet is why China and SA are licking their lips. Now that Zim is so weak others move in and secure those recourses through cheap contracts. This undermines the notion of Zim ever having a strong self determining Legitimate government in the future. SA will exploit Zim and basically make it its bitch, China barking some orders here and there. The longer this goes on for the worse things get for Zim. Now I would prefer a Legitimate Zim, but this probably wonít happen, so I do share your pessimism towards their future prospects, especially Legitimacy and Self-determination.
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    This is the perfect motivation!
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    From delusion lead me to truth
    From darkness lead me to light
    From death lead me to immortality.

    He who knows both knowledge and action,
    with action overcomes death
    and with knowledge reaches immortality.

    In him are woven the sky and the earth
    and all the regions of the air,
    and in him rest the mind
    and all the powers of life.
    Know him as the ONE
    and leave aside all other words.
    He is the bridge of immortality.

    Beyond the senses is the mind,
    and beyond the mind is reason, its essence.
    Beyond reason is the Spirit in man,
    and beyond this is the Spirit of the Universe,
    the evolver of all.

    When the five senses and the mind are still,
    and reason itself rests in silence,
    then begins the Path supreme.

    And when he is seen in his immanence and transcendence,
    then the ties that have bound the heart are unloosenend,
    the doubts of the mind vanish,
    and the law of Karma works no more.
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    This blog will continue to evolve in the comments section as I add more and more of what I cant say in the do not read section.

    You gave your life to show the hate in me
    And in Truth I reconciled my hate for thee
    I set to work with my painters brush
    Helping to color the rainbow you would soon crush

    My hate was gone from me,
    My mind was trully free
    Now I hear your words an actions show a growing hate
    Planting a fresh seed of anger, I guess that is our fate
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    OK my good Buddy, have it your way. If I continue with this discussion I might get in over my head. I'm just an Engineer not an artist.
    Quote Originally Posted by vieome
    Try not to think of it in terms of why or why not right or wrong, it is meant be a work of art, when you make a work of art, you want it to be provocative, you want people to dialog about it, if the artist explains what it is it, then it becomes dogma.
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    Try not to think of it in terms of why or why not right or wrong, it is meant be a work of art, when you make a work of art, you want it to be provocative, you want people to dialog about it, if the artist explains what it is it, then it becomes dogma.
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    Vieome, I thank you for your compliment. I am indeed already a forum member, albeit a new one. As far as the rule of DO NOT READ THIS, is concerned, if it were not meant to be read then why post it in the first place?
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    Not quite the SCREAMING TEXT I expected LOL

    But worth screaming nonetheless :/
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    my sis applied for relief for electricity as she have just over a thousand rand left after traveling and her hubby hardly ever pay the maintanance 1 ok it the other decline it she is again without elec and water for the past 2 weeks and every one that comes and inspects charges 120 per document but they write millions off in khutsong so
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    ok my husbands medical aid refuses to supply ulcer meds but the despensing black doc he has now supply that same meds and they pay him fully within 12 hours but the white drs have accounts outstanding for 2 years now so how now
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    Interesting response . The point I was trying to make is that people break rules. This post is simple entitled do not read this, and has more reads or browsers then other blogs I have posted, because of our need to break rules. The content of the story is not that important, it could simply be a work of fiction, showing how fear controls our flight or fight response, and words like coward used to provoke an emotional response, to spark debate on the matter. I personally think humans fear pain more then they do death.

    Given that you are new to this forum, I can assume 1. You joined the forum to respond to this post. 2. You are already a forum member and opened this new account(known on the net as creating a [URL=""]sock[/URL]) so you could respond to this post without the others knowing that you broke the first rule of the post. DO NOT READ THIS. And while you call yourself a coward for not having the courage to leave Africa the man made horror situation, I would say your affinity for minor dis-obedience in fact shows that you have more [URL=""]courage[/URL] then you think you have.
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    OK so what point are you actually trying to make? I don't believe that the people who left Zim or Germany or Croatia or those who are leaving Syria in their thousands are cowards. I believe those who stay are cowards. It takes a lot of courage to leave your roots (family, friends, familiar surroundings) and go with minimal possessions and try to start a new life somewhere else. It's also called survival. The most basic instinct from the smallest insect to the largest animal runs away from the real (or perceived) threat. I would like to leave all the violence and crime in South Africa, but I was born here, will probably die here even though I could emigrate - I have relatives in Italy, the UK and Australia. If you are still living in Zim despite the conditions, it's probably because 1) You can't afford to leave; 2) You have nowhere to go to or like me, you're too bloody scared to leave your birthplace because you may just return with your tail between your legs. Now concentrate on trying to live what's left of your life to the fullest extent you are able. Stop fretting about death. It will reach you and you may not even get a warning like illness or old age. You could be murdered in you bed. So ejoy your life vieome.........
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    Well said Blurock.
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    I can not agree that South Africa was built on hate. Yes, we have had conflict, as we will continue to have. People have different views and needs, but in the end we resolve our differences. Do not let the politicians (or poor reporting in the media) fool you, rather listen to the people on the ground.

    I grew up in this country and I have met and have made friends with many people from different backgrounds, cultures and religions. Because I have never been politically motivated, I have been ignorant and naive. At the height of the Soweto riots I went into townships to repossess people's furniture (not in Soweto though). Never once have I been threatened or confronted.

    I have been to farms where all the workers come to the main house in the evening to pray together. Where the farmer pays for the children's education and take the sick to the hospital in town.

    I have been to factories where there was abuse from management and workers, but I have also been to factories where everyone work together as a team for the better of the whole group. Entrepreneurs from all cultures work together and become partners in business, black and white. Our sports teams have heroes from all backgrounds.

    There is still a lot of goodwill in this country. As long as we treat EVERYONE with respect and fairness, I believe we can move forward with confidence, knowing that we are working towards a better South Africa for all.
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    Hello World an abstract program, at first a bit mysterious-seeming, but a pathway to a whole brave new world with an intricate logic of its own. A lesson for the whole world.
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    Somebody is in for a lesson
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    That's even better
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