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H e l l o W o r l d

This blog is a record of my journey around the sun. This is a place I will post my many ideas and things I find of interest.

  1. Meditation the Way

    The way of Meditation

    Trying to learn the art of meditation can be complex or easy depending on the mind that teachers it. Many people fail at meditation because they are told that they need to empty their minds, a some what impossible task. The truth is that meditation is an emptying of the mind and bringing it to focus on the moment.

    Why Meditate?

    The body and the mind are in a dance called life, the body can affect the mind, and the mind can affect ...
  2. The Accounting Cycle

    The Accounting Cycle

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    Transaction 2
    You receive a receipt for stationary you bought for cash R10.00.

    Step 1
    Identify the source document, i.e receipt, invoice, credit note.

    Step 2
    Enter the source document into your journal(Please note this course is for manuel accounts, the capturing source documents in an accounting program will be handled differently.

    Basic Journal for ...
  3. Positive Action

    S M I L E

    I consider myself to be a thinker, perhaps even a thinking addict. Many a time I wake in the early hours of the morning to find myself thinking of the strangest ideas, like relatively, time travel, and other things to weird to post to a blog. Yesterday I posted a short, call it a mind program if you like called a depression cure, and that was just one of the strange ideas that filtered through my mind. So this morning I decided to do a Google on the principle that ...
  4. Depression Cure

  5. The Accounting Equation

    The Accounting Equation

    The account equation simply put

    Assets = what the business owns
    Liabilities=What the business owes
    Equity= The owners investment in the business.

    This lesson follows on from the double entry you learnt in lesson one, for every debit there must be a corresponding credit entry in your books of account.

    The accounting equation must always be in balance ...
  6. Accounting Debits and Credits

    My first post
    Warning !

    This blog has side effects. Please read with caution.

    Known Side Effects:
    1. Happyness
    2. Joy
    3. Peace

    A beginner’s guide to understanding the difference between a debit and a credit in accounts.

    Memorize this rule – it is a strict rule throughout your accounting activities – it will never change!
    Debit the receiver(the account that receives the ...
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