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H e l l o W o r l d

This blog is a record of my journey around the sun. This is a place I will post my many ideas and things I find of interest.

  1. Mother Afreeka Chapter 6

    Children of Mother Afreeka

    In this thesis I will argue, that Zim will never return, to its former 80's glory in a 1000 years, and I say that with smith irony, and a hope that I might be wrong.

    With the dollarisation of the ecomony, hope streched over Zim peoples faces, like a balacluver, on a bank robber, going for an easy heist. After a year and a half, of the dead presidents, and our continued climb up the inflation ladder, despair returns to our homes. The ...
  2. And the whole World with You

  3. Surfing the web!

  4. Did you Know?

    You can't drive a car while focusing on the review mirror. You cant heal the present by blaming the past.
    Self Improvement
  5. Mother Afreeka Chapter 5

    Letter from a Future Dinosaur!
    John Douglas

    John pondered slowly and deeply the theory that states mankind began life in Africa. White, black, Chinese and the many other, numerous forms and shapes the human beings adopted, all began here on the God some what forsaken mother continent. In the distance he could hear the thunderous roar of the lions, approaching ever closure, while beating muffled drum, echoing the pace of his weak by passed heart. Its too late to run now. ...
  6. Mother Afreeka Chapter 4

    Chapter 4


    Khu counted the money over and over, he looked at the pictures on the fresh notes, he thought about the idea the notes stood for, about freedom, bill of rights etc. He then started thinking about Abel, for the most part Khu liked Abel, and even took that liking to the point of believing Abels anti-goverment retic. The goverment dealt with people like Abel by sweeping them under the carpet with longs words, that Khu did not understand. ...
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