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  1. I started a Blog, what Now?

    [QUOTE=BusNavig8;68293]I have started a blog, its about everyday life issues, and business issues. I share the everyday issues to Facebook and Twitter and the Business issues to LinkedIn. I havent posted a business topic yet, as Im just finding my way around. My question is this. How do I go about advertising my blog so that people can find me. The only other thing Ive done is add it to my Instagram profile. Ideas anyone???[/QUOTE]
  2. Facebook and Me

    Facebook and me and a strange relationship.

    It was first a medium for me to express myself. Then I realised that my clients only saw the professional side of me and that they really wanted to see the other side of me. So I thought Ok, are you sure that you are ready for this!

    People think that I am open and that I wear my heart on my sleeve, they could not be more wrong:)

    But I did use the medium for people to get used to me and who I am. I am a complex ...