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Vanash Naick

  1. South African Local Music at its best

    Mapula Malatji: Emmanuel: Lyrics and Video: Produced by Thafis Music

    I’m an ordinary South African Citizen, a patriot and someone who cares about the “Black Child,” of South Africa.
    I’ve being privileged and honoured to witness a daughter of our land express herself in music.

    On 13 August 2017, I had the pleasure of witnessing a gentleman by the name of Mr Dan Nkgadima(whom I affectionately refer to as “Uncle Dan,”), shoot a musical video deep in the heartland of ...

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  2. Debt: How to claim prescription in practice and how to enter a special plea

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    Hi Guys,
    1. I have resolved to make one post that is not theoretical but rather very practical and that will answer every single question you could possibly have on the Prescription Act 68 of 1969, claiming prescription in practice, entering a special plea of prescription and proving that you’ve claimed prescription
    2. Find attached 5 documents, a FAQ doc, an example of a prescription claim letter, an example of a summons, an example of a special plea for prescription; and

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