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    Pump cable size

    The discoloration is due to Oxidation a result of copper's exposure to air, though water, and may also be due to other minerals in the water causing electrolysis

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    COC and test report

    The bottom line ... whoever is responsible for the registration of inspectors ... making the rules and regs and enforcing them should be responsible for

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    Pump cable size

    The best earth is to place a piece of metal in water 40 to 100m under the ground, which will be the metal casing of the motor and pump.


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    COC and test report


    Additionally, I think Supply Utilities or DoL or AIA should be involved in approving every COC. A suggestion for there to be

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    COC and test report

    It's a nightmare out there with even registered persons not sure of what to follow. Keeping up to date, as pointed out here below is not easy for everyone.

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