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    Time Keeping

    A large company has several(17) different premises from which it conducts it's business. Only one of these premises (A) however uses a digital card scanning

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    RCD and AFDD

    Agreed, I personally will not recommend or even use this type of connection. Some people who do not understand the implications love to live dangerously

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    Pump cable size

    Whilst the SANAS regulations are aimed at personal safety with regards to electrocution, the earthing of the motor is to protect the motor, and electronic

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    COC and test report

    I might have a solution for the 4 page COC ... just cut 2 pages off ... lets see how long it takes for anyone to realise it ... because it seems the

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    Pump cable size

    The discoloration is due to Oxidation a result of copper's exposure to air, though water, and may also be due to other minerals in the water causing electrolysis

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