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    1. neliusmit's Avatar
      neliusmit -
      Must I have permission to publish an article?
    1. Dave A's Avatar
      Dave A -
      The Article functionality for early releases of vBulletin 4 proved so dodge, I used it as little as possible. Not much has happened since to improve my confidence that I won't be forced to drop the area one day.

      vBulletin 5 hasn't developed a CMS so far, and if we migrate to another forum software platform one day, strong chance the Article section won't migrate.
    1. myjobmagsouthafrica's Avatar
      myjobmagsouthafrica -
      Please how do I get permission to post my articles?
    1. Dave A's Avatar
      Dave A -
      I suggest post them as a thread starter in the forum.

      Permission wise - well that's about the nature of the content and meeting the standard set by the TFSA Advertising Policy.
    1. myjobmagsouthafrica's Avatar
      myjobmagsouthafrica -
      Okay, thank you
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