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    Alec Candiotes

    Multi-store module

    Thanks Kevin.

    Great explanation! I now understand it better.

    Hope I can be assistance to you soon.

    All the best.

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    Annual leave

    Good Day,
    Hope i can get some guidance

    My contract states:
    11.2 Leave days not taken within 6 months of the employees annual

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    Contractor hourly rate

    first out = put
    They - The

    I should not type when I get riled up by this topic ...

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    Main switch height and location

    This clause for an Engineer such as myself means that FFL or walking level is the Final Floor Level. That is the final finished concrete level without

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    Contractor hourly rate

    I FEEL YOUR PAIN - There are contractors out there who do not belong in the electrical profession at all.

    You installed an inverter with

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