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    Completion of CoC

    Something to take into consideration:

    A circuit breaker has the same disconnecting charateristics as a isolator and can be locked in the

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    Completion of CoC

    Yes it is according to the regulations - I understand the need on smaller machines and would like to see the regulation changed to apply up to say 60Amp

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    Neutral impedance

    Came across this article this morning and remembered the thread on Neutral impedance

    NOTE 1 For this test using the same instrument as

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    Standard bank loan

    I am in a dispute with Standard bank over a payment holiday ... which resulted in them forcing a debit order which was cancelled 3 years ago... due to

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    Dave A

    Neighbors' Electric Fence Bleeding into my fence

    It is likely because of a fault in the insulation of their system, that is causing a discharge and it is the cycle of charge and discharge that is causing

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